Review – Halfords Power Pack with Compressor

Description of Item This is a large rechargeable battery which can be used to:

  • Jump-start your engine if your starter battery is flat (or use as a temporary replacement leisure battery)
  • Power a built in light for emergency situations
  • Run a built-in air compressor
  • Power an inverter, so you can run some 230V AC equipment from it

How We Use It We have had this ever since our leisure battery failed on our Talbot express. We used it to enable us to run the heating on a frozen night. Since then we used it to (a) power our 230V TV for a couple of hours (b) inflate our motorhome tyres and air assisted suspension (c) used the light to help someone see at night when their motorhome were stuck under a tree (d) to jump start our motorhome and friend’s cars and (e) to power our laptop from time to time.
What Do We Love?
  • It’s a fantastic portable back-up power supply and has lots of uses; it really comes into its own in an emergency
  • The compressor, inverter and light all work perfectly well for what we’ve used them for
And What’s Not so Great?
  • The air compressor cable is a bit hard to fit back into the compartment made for it at the back of the unit
  • We’ve lost the charger for it and had to buy a new one! Some sort of built-in charger would have been handy
Our Summary We’d recommend anyone taking a motorhome out for any length of trip to get one of these. They’re not too expensive, not too heavy, and have a multitude of uses.
Where Can I Get It? We got ours from Halfords:You can get a similar one from Amazon too (please note that if you use these links we earn a small commission).

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