Review – Collapsible Water Carrier

Description of Item We have a 15 litre water carrier which you can squash flat. It’s made from flexible plastic, with a removable tap and a carry handle at the top.
How We Use It We use the carrier to fill up our van’s tank with drinking water when we either (a) can’t use our hose or (b) don’t need to do a full fill – i.e. when we just want to top us with 30 or 40 litres of water. We have found there are at least four types of tap so far – 3 different screw sizes (the UK standard one, one smaller than that and one larger than that) plus plenty of taps with no screw thread. We’ve bought an adapter (from a Ferreteria hardware shop in Spain) so we can use the hose with two of the screw on types. We’ve not tried to get the hose connected to a non-screw type, and find it much easier to use a water carrier. Our van’s water filling point it flush with the van, making it hard to pour water in, so we cut the top of an ice cream tub into a foldable funnel, which works really well and stores flat.
What Do We Love?
  • It folds flat. We’ve travelled with people who have a rigid water carrier – Marc even used a watering can. We don’t have the room for one of these though and can fold the carrier into a shelf under a cupboard
  • It’s been squashed flat and opened out maybe fifty times now and shows no sign of splitting
  • It’s not too large so although I have to make a few tap trips, it’s not too heavy to hold while filling and carrying
  • Having a handle at the top is a must
  • The carrier fits in our sink, so if we do want to move it with water in it, we pop it in there (it’s usually wet on the outside after we’ve used it)
And What’s Not so Great?
  • The tap is worse than useless. You have to remove it to fill it, and then when it’s back on water comes out at a dribble. Almost all the time, we just use the carrier to move water, not store it
  • It’s floppy, which can make it a little difficult to empty into the van. I’ve got the hang of it and don’t spill anything
Our Summary If you’ll be doing much travelling in Europe, especially outside of France (which pretty much has UK standard threads everywhere), get a water carrier. If you’re limited for space, one of these collapsible fillers is spot on. We’ve knocked off a couple of stars as the tap is just appalling.
Where Can I Get It? We were lucky enough to be given our water carrier by friends. You can get yours from Please note: if you use the link below to buy, it won’t cost you any more than buying direct from the site, however the site will kindly pay us some money for referring you.

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