Recuperating in Essaouira

Big boats and small boats all out to get those fish

We’re still at the camp site in Essaouira as last night we celebrated having bought some wine from the Marjane supermarket in Marrakech.  How did we celebrate? By drinking loads of it! This morning it was thick heads that we were recuperating from – although it worst for Chris and J as they wanted to carry on drinking after Tina and I hit the sack, so thoughtfully they lit a fire between the vans and sat outside so as not to disturb us (or the man sleeping about 3 feet away in a tent) and sipped into the small hours.

In the afternoon J and I went for a walk along the beach into the town. We passed a school class heading off for a surfing lesson, and numerous football matches being played on full size pitches marked in the sand (some even had goal posts!). The players wore a mix of footwear including football boots, trainers, flip flops and nothing, and an assortment of European football team tops – but I’m sure they knew who was on which side.

More camels and horses than people on the beach
Charlie and J on the beach

In the town we wandered around the harbour, which is most certainly a working harbour. Some of the smaller boats were unloading eels onto the quayside, and all sorts of varieties of fish, crab, ray and eel were being sold by the carrier bag full. Tempted as we were, neither of us would have a clue what to do with a fish, so we headed into the Medina (old town) and had some freshly squeezed orange juice (5dh – about 45p) and a crepe each (15dh for my nutella one and 30dh for J’s bolognaise version).

Big boats and small boats all out to get those fish
J spots somewhere for dinner – Chez Sam
Fish for sale on Essaouira quayside

As we strolled back we spotted a couple of areas where motorhomes were parked up near to the town, so we found the Guardian for each area (usually a fella in a high visibility vest) and checked out the prices. They were both 40dh to stop for the night, which is about half the price of the camp site, so we might decamp tomorrow and have Saturday night out in the town – depending on who can face drinking again.

Luckily we weren’t lucky today and got away bird poo free.
Freshly squeezed Orange Juice – perfect hangover cure!

Have a great weekend!

Ju x



  1. Hi Your website looks amazing, very professional.
    We would like to take our motor home to Morrocco in March this year and spend some time there. We have a dog so interested to know if you had any problems taking him there and is it a safe place to travel around? any advice would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Carol

      Morocco proved safe for us, with some common sense we had no trouble. Taking the dog is no trouble, the authorities are very used to it, as there are large numbers of motorhomes going in an out of the place, especially French ones. You need a valid pet passport, treatment against leishmaniasis, tick treatment and removers and to be a little careful with stray dogs over there. If you talk to your vet they should be ale to sort you out with everything you need.

      Cheers, Jason

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