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This month we’re featured in two publications – you can’t say we haven’t been busy!

MMM MagazineAPRIL2013ISSUEMMM_579179

From 7 March you can see us in the April edition of Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly (MMM) magazine in their ‘Living with..’ feature. The article tells you the story of how we chose Dave to be our home on wheels, and what it’s like living in him.

We’re also in their Marketplace section too, on page 222 there’s a review of our book ‘A Monkey Ate My Breakfast – Motorhome Adventures in Morocco‘.

Nottingham Evening Postevening_post_logo

Fellow traveller Lynette, who owns a VW camper, wrote a brilliant article about our first few months on the road last year. She has penned another feature about our travels in Morocco and our book, which will appear in Saturday magazine that comes with the Nottingham Evening Post newspaper on 9 March.

As always, as soon as we can get electronic copies of the articles we’ll pop them on the site for you to read, or you can click on the publications title to go to it’s website and buy a copy.

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  1. Look forward to reading the MMM article.

    I have started reading your book , and it is brilliant . It’s entertaining and informative and very well written. Thank you

  2. Look forward to reading the article. We’d started looking around at motorhomes before we came across your website and funnily enough we’re thinking of buying the same model. We’re planning or trying to think of all the bits we need and how we’d adapt to living in a motorhome.

    Funnily enough everything we’ve talked about you seem to have done. For example changing the wardrobe racking. Our approach is so similar to yours in more ways than one, spooky. We now joke and say have you had a look at ‘our’ website today.

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