As we’re travelling we are, of course, taking thousands of photographs. We started off using a Nikon D40  along with a Nikon 55-200mm lens, but when we came out for our second year we changed it for a Sony HV200X which has been brilliant. On this page we’ll put some of our favourites. We’re a bit behind, so keep checking back as we’ll be adding more soon.

They’ll all be thumbnails, but you can click on them to see the whole thing.

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  1. Fab photos, loving your blog too. Don’t always get time to read it every day but catch up when I can.
    We’ve got our tree up properly now, it only took several tantrums and that was just Jon!
    Take care kids, xxx

    • Hi mate. That’ll be Ju then, I’ve got an eye for beer and that’s it. If this message gets to you, it will be a miracle. We’re getting about 8kbps on GPRS, if we’re lucky! Take it easy mate, hope all is well with Annabelle and Elizabeth. Cheers, Jay

  2. Hi,Just found your website ,very imfomative ,well put together,will keep looking.I was looking at the Sicily trip we are hoping to go from Sept to Jan or more Colin

    • Thanks Colin. We massively enjoyed Sicily, especially the incredible experience of sleeping high on the slopes of Etna as it rumbled away in the background. The baroque towns were beautiful and the general freedom to roam lovely. Throw in some tight streets, graffiti, street markets, Ancient Greek templates, a Roman villa and and bonkers traffic and you’ll be kept nice and busy guys. Have a brilliant time, J

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