Photos of Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain

Zagan the motorhome’s batteries are getting low after 4 (I think, losing track of it a wee bit here) days in Sant Feliu de Guixols (N41.78016, E3.02276). The sun’s low in the sky, so we’re seeing a maximum of about 3 Amps flowing into the batteries. The air’s cold at night, the heating’s been running, and we’ve been gorging on free WiFi so our gadgets have all been needing charging. So, I have about 3 minutes of battery left, hence today’s blog post is in photos – let your imagination decide what we’ve been up to from these meagre clues!

Cheers, Jay

DSC06992 (1024x341)

DSC07011 (1024x478)

DSC07019 (1024x400)

DSC07000 (1024x579)

DSC06990 (1024x494)

DSC06994 (1024x768)

DSC06916 (1024x456)

DSC06943 (1024x768)

DSC07068 (1024x768)

DSC07069 (1024x712)

DSC07055 (1024x601)

DSC06997 (768x1024)


DSC07067 (1024x610)

DSC07014 (1024x550)

DSC07060 (1024x591)

DSC07033 (1024x769)

DSC07001 (1024x626)

DSC06968 (1024x770)

DSC06931 (1024x597)


  1. You haven’t been idle! That’s for sure! But not as adventurous, reckless or super sporty as you want us to believe…. ;-))
    Walking, enjoying wonderful coastline, and tasting good food and drinks! All great!

    • You’re good Chris! That’s about it, a couple of days poorly and the rest chilling out. Via Ferrata is around the coast just north of here, building up to doing one still! Good weekend mate, cheers, Jay

  2. Ok,,,The first photo is your homage to the Beatles Album “Abbey Road”, most of the other photos remind me of the movie Jaws…(most not all)
    Did you know A Great White Shark was washed up injured and later died at Tossa de Mar in Catalonia in 1995…..Hamster Beer Jay?(well thats what I call it)…you have good taste…have one for me.
    Well you said let your imagination decide.

  3. Really look forward to your blogs. Takes me away from UK in winter. I look forward to our trip to Morocco in February!
    Keep on sending the posts!!

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