Motorhome Morocco – An OurTour Guide

Thinking of touring Morocco in your motorhome? Are you wondering:

  • What will it be like driving over there?
  • Do I need to pay for an organised tour?
  • How easy is it to get my motorhome in and out?
  • Can I take my dog?
  • How do I cope with the language?

These were all thoughts that went through our heads too. For a country that’s closer to Spain than France is to England, it sounds so very different, but also such a great adventure. We want you too to experience this adventure and have put together a practical guide to touring Morocco (winning us a Star Letter in Practical Motorhome – see below); all the information about the book is here:

The site includes a free preview of the book, and information on buying for PC, Mac, Tablet and Kindle!

Thanks! Julie and Jason

An update! Our book gets a Star Letter mention in Practical Motorhome Magazine!

Download (PDF, 949KB)


  1. Hi Jason

    If i bought the colour version, can i still put it on my kindle, and would the photos just be in black and white, sorry to appear thick, but im not very good with technology, computers, and things.

    Regards Val

    • Hi Val! If you have a black and white Kindle, then there is a text only version on Amazon (no photos at all in there). If you have a colour Kindle (like a Kindle Fire), then you can get the PDF from our site and load that onto your Kindle. The PDF is in colour with all the photos and we’re told it looks great on a Kindle Fire. Hope that helps, if not just drop us an email and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. Thanks, Jay

    • Hi Val

      Just seen J’s reply and not sure if it answered your question! The black and white (ie original) kindles can’t read a pdf file – that’s the type of file the colour (picture version) of the book is.

      So we had to take all the pictures out so it could be read by black and white Kindles.

      The new kindles can read pdf files, so can have the colour version with the pictures.

      If you have a black and white Kindle the options are – a text only version to read on your Kindle, or a colour and pictures version to read on your PC/laptop/iPad.

      Hope that makes sense!



  2. Hi J&J, if its of any help I can confirm that you can read a pdf on a B&W Kindle, I have your Morocco sample on mine (its a Kindle 3G) and it displays just fine – photos and all (in monochrome obviously).

    Save pdf to your computer then transfer to Kindle by free software called ‘Calibre’

    Shame you’ve been criticised for selling the guide – good luck with the sales!

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