Mountain road cruising! Picos de Europa


  1. Hi Dave and Julie – glad to see you travelling in your Hymer it was something we wanted to do but was put off by not being able to get european breakdown cover with the RAC – our vehicle is 210mm to long to get cover. It was interesting that you had cover with a German company. Unfortunately I cannot get any information on the internet at home so was wondering if you had a e-mail address or website I could have. I hope you have a great time – happy motoring. You have given us hope that we may be able to do it soon!

    • Hi Peter, the company we use is ADAC. The website (German, translated into English) is here. Joining has to be done over the telephone for UK residents; it’s absolutely no problem and their operatives speak good English (only problems are likely to be with letter pronunciations with your vehicle registration – worth learning the Golf-Romeo-Bravo version of it). I recall they cover large vehicles as standard, but can’t recall any size limit. Cheers, hope this gets you covered and you’re able to enjoy a good old road trip around Europe safe in the knowledge you can get recovered OK! Jay

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