Meeting Rose and Paul, Fabulous Aussies in Coulon, France

Dave the motorhome’s short on words tonight, having seen off his fair share of vin rouge in Coulon, France. We’re comfortably numb in the same aire as last night, in the Green Venice area, accompanied by a whole raft of French motorhomes, plus an interloper or two.


Today’s been an easy day. We awoke, ate breakfast, and cleared up ready to leave. For quite where, we were not sure, but we were going to leave anyway, when we received an email message just before we rolled off. It came from Rose and Paul, two people we knew only from previous emails over the past months, sharing their knowledge and experience of many of the same places we planned to visit. They were on their way north through France. After almost two years of parallel but somehow isolated travel, we were about to meet. They could get here in 3 or 4 hours, huzzah!

We killed time, taking a second, or even third, maybe fourth wander through the village and waterway here, awaiting their arrival. When they finally cruised in, we relaxed, happy they’d made it and ready for a good old chat.

DSC08102 DSC08101 DSC08100 DSC08099

Over a gas-assisted charcoal BBQ we enjoyed sea salt encrusted sardines, complete with heads and tails. Paul shared his knowledge of spear fishing, which to be honest I’m dead keen to make use of (elastic rubber band-powered spears are easier to maintain than hydraulic ones) although I’ve no idea which fish is which. We’ve interrogated those guys about all things Australian, and the Ozzie viewpoint of the world, and I (for one) and am dead keen to get over there and have a look at the place, the Outback in particular.

DSC08106 DSC08119

We’ve chatted, shared stories of our pasts, peered forwards into our futures and generally enjoyed the company of fellow travellers. I’ve seen off far too much wine too, so it’s time for bed and to dream of the antipodeans! Check out‎ for Paul and Rose’s awesome story.

DSC08121 DSC08122 DSC08123

Cheers, Jay


  1. Hi there
    We have been following your blog for over a year now and have really enjoyed reading all about your adventures. Funnily enough last year as we headed out to France you were heading back to the UK and it looks like it may happen again this year. We are travelling in our B544 Hymer reg number K32SCK so look out for us. We arrived late last night and are heading off to the Aire at Le Touquet today. We have no plans for our next stop but plan to get down to Bordeaux to meet up with some relatives who are coming over from Hong Kong to run in a marathon. We want to spend a few days in or near Arcachon so it was interesting to read your last few posts. We may however find a campsite to stop over for a few days. It would be great if did manage to stop off at the same place along the way if not look out for us en route.

    • Hey Guys

      We’ll keep our eyes peeled for you. We’re heading for the north coast of France now to work our way up towards Calais – Charlie is booked in at the vets for his pet passport treatment next Monday, I can’t believe how quickly time is going! Please drop me an email if you’re anywhere around there and we’ll try to meet up.



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