LPG tank rubbin’!

Dave's LPG tank, before being repainted

Dave came with a rather handy LPG tank; not for the engine but for the air and water heaters, fridge, hob and, wait for it, outside gas BBQ point (oh yeah). I was looking at getting a Gaslow system, as swapping bottles/regulators between the various country standards was going to be a pain. At £250 for a single bottle or £500 for a dual bottle set-up, they’re not cheap though and probably not commercially viable for us. There’s a handy payback calculator at www.europebycamper.co.uk if you’re interested.

Only slight problem with our tank is the fact it’s exposed to the elements as it’s in a cupboard on the outside of the van, which has a big air gap around it. Nice and safe, but the big air gap’s clearly also a big water/salt gap too, as the tank had some surface rust. Our trusty caravan mechanic Dave advised me yesterday to take the tank out, rub it down and Hammerite it. So, that was today’s main job while Ju grafted away in the office, as she has to for the next 7 weeks (hey, I am making her tea when she gets home…).

Before and after photos below. I’m pleased with it; the rust was only surface but all the same, if allowed continual unprotected exposure to the elements, my guess is it would eventually rust through. One job down, 67 left to do. Tomorrow’s job, tree cutting.

Dave's LPG tank, before being repainted

Dave's LPG tank, after being repainted

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