1. (of a person or their manner) lacking energy or enthusiasm.
    “bouts of listless depression”
    synonyms: lethargic, enervated, lackadaisicalspiritless, unenergetic, lifeless,vigourless, lacking energy, limpeffete; More

Hmmm, sadly this one word describes my current state of mind. We’ve been back for about 10 weeks, and have sorted out a fair few things: we’ve rented a house and moved in (emptying a HUGE amount of stuff from our house attic, which stayed rented out), sorted out small company’s accounts out, both got temporary work contracts (Ju starts Monday, although she’s got the man flu at the moment which isn’t helping her nerves), un-mothballed our Smart car, met up with friends and family and sold a fair bit of excess stuff (loads left to go).

At least on a practical level things are getting sorted. Something remains missing. A focus, maybe? My mindset is purely on making money, in order to be able to buy more time when I don’t have to work. Am I lazy? I guess so, although I’d like to think of it more as wanting the freedom to do new things, to see new things. So I’m not entirely listless – I’ve got drive in my work, wanting to get the hours done and to achieve something in those hours. Once I’ve done my contracted 8 hours a day though, I’m finding my drive lacking. We remain TV-less, so I’m at least not just starting at the box, I do at least get some reading done, although to be honest it’s mainly of the BBC News variety.

Our good friend Chris has an approach to life based on goals, and this approach has made him both very successful and very positive. He’s introduced us to this great opportunity, which has given him an incredible lifestyle, which Ju’s pushing on with and finds rewarding, financially and otherwise. I should pull my finger out and get on board with her too, apart from the fact it would give us a load of passive income (which meets my ‘get the money’ goal), it may also help shift me from general outside-of-work lethargy?

I also need to get started on writing the first draft of book of our travels. And learning to paraglide. And washing the car (the poor Smart’s taking a hammering on the UK’s jam-packed, angry lorry-filled motorways). And learning more foreign languages (which one first I wonder – Italian?). And generally not acting like an old, bored git when I’m only 41…!

We did manage to get a Skype video call going with Paul and Rose this morning. Great to see those guys, and weird too. While we’re all wrapped up on a Saturday morning, they’re sat in vests, dark outside, sweating under a ceiling fan, supping a chilled beer. You guessed it, they’re down under, in Darwin. It’s roasting down there at the moment – hovering around 30°C. After travelling Europe by motorhome for nearly 3 years, they headed back to Australia about the same time we came back here. Rose is busy (madly busy) getting a new branch of Malaysian Airlines off the ground (ahem) and Paul’s busy playing with his new 4×4 – in the middle of nowhere – and checking out a boat to cruise about the sea on, fishing and chilling out. Have a look at Darwin on Google Maps. It’s quite incredible. A population of about 130,000 people in the city – which compares to 825,000 for Nottingham and the surrounding urban area. It’s tiny. And look at what’s around it. Found anything? Nope – it’s nigh-on empty for 1000 miles in any direction. Easy to find the yourself in the middle of nowhere out there. Just amazing. Add that to my list: drive around Australia (like these guys).

We were all set to go visit Mike and Jacqui this evening too, who we first met in Greece, at a baking hot, pure blue-sea’d southern extremity of Europe. After meeting them again in the opulence of the Black Forest, and again on our sad last night just before embarking on a ferry home, we’ve not seen them since we got back. They’re not far away from us though, so we’ll get over one work night, and catch up to hear about their re-entry experiences! Work night, get me, we’re both officially employed, can you believe it?

Right, better go. I’ve got some serious feeling sorry for myself to do! One thing I have managed to do though, almost (still got about 300 posts left to do), is add small maps to the start of each blog post so folks can get a better idea where we were when we wrote them (like this one, outside Venice). Where Google have enabled Streetview, you can zoom right on in there and have a look around. It’s a lotta fun, good reminiscing for me, but gives anyone thinking about a motorhome trip a fabulous insight into the kinds of places you can stay.

Cheers, Jay








  1. Hi Jay. No way is wanting to live the dream lazy – you’ve already done it once and it’s just a real need to do it again. Go for it fella!! Good luck to Ju for Monday and hope she feels better soon

    • Cheers Mark, means a lot to hear that. Ju’s zonked out with Charlie, so I’m adding little maps to old blog posts and dreaming! Jay

  2. Oh I know exactly how you feel. Our listlessness has almost developed into full blown depression. Our dream of full timing is being seriously being tested at the mo, with a house and business to sell and Christmas on the horizon – I don’t think anything is going to happen until well into next year! So we keep our noses to the grindstone and cross fingers that all will work out when the time comes. Chin up, fill those coffers and you’ll be off sooner than you think!!! All the best.

    • Hi Michelle. All I can say to you is this: it’s worth it, it’s all worth it. Life on the road was the happiest time of my life, will be again, and with any luck will be for you too, and soon. Thanks for writing, cheers, Jay

  3. Hello from Malaga from Rosie and me. Not red hot but surprisingly captivating, and you know where and how we live usually. It,s busy and fun too, just waiting for the eating hour (very late here) to get some seafood.
    Were you here, it’s our first time and feels sort of like a Spanish Miami,we’ll sort of.
    Was hoping to get to Nottingham next week but just had an email to say we have to go to West Brom, we’re both very sorry we can’t get to see you.

    Will it help if you create a fixed goal or deadline to work to however far in the future that is, at least then you are moving toward something rather than maybe a vague idea that may or may not materialize.

    As you have done it once, you know nothing will happen unless YOU 2 make it happen, it won’t fall into your laps.

    Thinking of you both, j+r

    • Hi Jamie!

      Ah, we spent almost all of our time in Andalusia inland, heading from Gibraltar up to Ronda, then heading West through Alora, Antequera and Granada, back in the sunlight of Feb 2012. A quite beautiful part of the world, we skipped the coast for fear of being unable to park up. We’d also paid heed to other’s warnings that the coast was not good – something we learned not to do over time – we learned to go find out about a place for yourself. We very much enjoyed our time free-bagging in a car park in the shadow of Ju’s parent’s all-inclusive hotel in Bendidorm.

      Goal setting is to the forefront of my thoughts. The move from living on land to on the water is emerging as the next one – requiring an offloading of almost everything we own. This aught to be easy, since we lived with few possessions for many months, but somehow isn’t. It’s incredible how quickly things re-attach themselves to you. Ju is doing a great job of eBaying stuff and giving to charity shops.

      Ju starts work again tomorrow, and my contract’s going well with a possible extension for a few more months next year. Slotting back into the Corporate World hasn’t been easy for me (I think Ju will find it much easier, she’s more resilient than me), but the money is just too hard to turn away from. Selling out? Perhaps, but I recall many people in the world who don’t have the opportunity.

      Shame you’re not heading this way yet, but I’m sure our paths will cross. I hope business is going well and your bathroom’s completed for the winter? Cheers, Jay

  4. Ohhh… when I saw your post title I thought you had gone out and bought your canal boat already. Listless can be a nautical term too meaning a vessel that is ‘sitting still and perfectly upright in the water’. Hope you find a direction you feel happy going in soon….

    • Hi Kath! Ah, not quite yet. Need to get some cash together first, or at least get one of us under a permanent job contract so the banks will lend us something. Means we’ll be in the house for a few months at least, possibly until the back end of 2014, time will tell! Ju starts work tomorrow and despite her usual calm demeanor, I can tell she’s nervous – back in the office after 2 years out, who wouldn’t be? She’ll be fine, and her company looks a good one, with the bonus of being in the centre of Nottingham, surrounded by life. Cheers, Jay

  5. Hey there sorry ass! What you have I recon is S.A.D.
    I always get it this time of year, stay away from Gin tranquilizers & sharp knives! There is hope, a frequent good doses of UV B is what you need, ie a sunbed. (be sure the tubes emit UV B)
    On a brighter note, (not to piss you off) we’re all ca$hed up & ready to go, & Greece is is.
    We’re probably gonna make a b-line straight there, bomb thru Italy & catch the ferry over like you did. We’ll mosey on back north in the spring on the road less traveled.
    OK mate, hope Ju kicks the lurgie soon.

    Arrivederci Amicos.

    • Hi guys! Yep, the light;s dull in good ole Blighty these days. Greece, get in, and yes we are jealous. It’ll be awesome. Cheers, Jay

  6. An alternative perspective?
    You’ve done something you loved, so you want to do it again – or something close to it
    But sometimes it’s the anticipation/ the hoping that makes you feel bad whilst you’re waiting to reach it, and when you do reach it – it doesn’t turn out to be quite as good as you hoped or expected.
    Anticipation/ desire/ craving is the cause of suffering said the Buddha
    Live in the moment- corny- but true. when you do, then you’ll see all the opportunities and take them, you don’t have to plan to the nth degree
    There’s even a TED link here for ya ;o)

    off to boil the kettle now the power is back on

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