List of Campsites and Secured Motorhome Parking in Tunisia

Our research of Tunisian motorhome camp sites, helped by lots of fabulous folks offering pointers to new sources of information, has turned up the following list of places. They’re either camp sites, or parking attached to a hotel or port, with some kind of security provided and varying levels of service (and cleanliness!). We’ve not included any wild/free camping locations, as we chose to stay in places with at least some degree of security (there is currently a state of emergency in place).

Camping Les Beaux Reves, Tozeur, Tunisia.
Camping Les Beaux Reves, Tozeur, Tunisia.

We’ll continue to update this as we travel the country, and welcome any new locations we’ve not included (send them to Since we’ve only visited a few places, we can’t vouch for the accuracy of any of this info, but hope it acts as a good starting point for your research.

A few notes:

  • The ‘Comments’ column lists our impression of the place (completely subjective!) from either a visit (made clear in the preceding column if we’ve been there) or from reading other people’s comments on their source websites. Sometimes these are based on very little information – please treat them with caution.
  • What qualifies as a camp site in Tunisia (and Morocco) varies significantly from what qualifies a camp site in Europe. Expect a walled enclosure on packed earth or sand, with an often filthy toilet block and nowhere to drop your grey water (we’ve not seen a single water drain, even in towns), and your expectations will be well set!
  • Camping at ports, archaeological sites and hotels is often just a car park, with a night guard. Some have no services, some have electricity, some water.
  • The GPS co-ordinates are click-able, so you can see a Google map for the location. They may be inaccurate – apologies if any are wrong.
  • Costs vary between about £8 per night and £14 in 2013 (guarded parking should be less). Unlike sites in Morocco, Tunisian sites don’t seem to have a written price list – you just have to ask and agree a price up front. We’re pants at haggling – we usually either pay the price asked, unless it’s something daft (one hotel in Bizerte asked for 50 dinar to stay in the car park overnight).
  • We don’t have a 4×4. There are camspites in the desert which need one. As far as I know none of them are included in the list below. Ksar Ghilane requires a bit of driving on a sandy road, but we managed it, with some swearing and sweating but no digging!
  • Some of the source sites are not in English – we just used Google Translate to read them.
  • They’re in **roughly** alphabetical order!
Town Site Name Type GPS Notes Source Comments
Ain Essbat Camping Ain Essbat Camping N 35° 49.987 E 9° 38.029 See source 10km of non-surfaced gravel road into the desert to get to the site, which may get covered in sand.
Al Kairouan Youth Hostel Camping N 35° 39.953, E 10° 06.468 See source Latest costs I can find: 10DT per night plus 2DT electricity. No sockets outside for power – cable has to go through a window into the TV room. Reported as helpful people.
Al Kairouan Continental Hotel Hotel Camping N 35° 41.150 E 10° 05.833 See source Was 20TD per night, including electricity, water and toilet emptying in 2011
Al Kairouan La Kasbah Hotel Hotel Camping N 35° 40.859
E 10° 5.656
See source
  • Our visit in Feb 2013
20TD per night in the open car park of a 5 star hotel 100m from the medina. Guarded 24 hours. Water appears available, but black waste emptying looks difficult.
Bizerte Youth Hostel Camping N 37° 15.139
E 09° 55.159
We had to argue with the guard to let us stay. Cost 12TD per night, no services. Dogs roam the enclosed parking area, but were not dangerous. Another database reported the area as closed in Dec 2012, but it was open when we arrived (with some persuasion). Owner added 3TD to list price after stay. Guard really didn’t want us to stay, and then another guard begged from us as we left. Roaming dogs covered in fleas in compound. Several km from Bizerte, only bother if you have to.
Bulla Regia Archaeological Site Guarded Parking N 36° 33.414
E 08° 45.264
Ask at ticket office to park. Cost 15TD per night. Possible to empty black waste in toilets and take fresh water. Toilet block clean. Guard had us park between the buildings with a spotlight on us all night. Felt like security was good.
Carthage Archaeological Site Unsure – Unguarded or Guarded Parking? N 36° 51.454, E 10° 19.517 See source Unclear whether this is guarded or not, but will be a car park.
Djerba/Aghir Hotel Sidi Slim Hotel Camping N 33° 46.104
E 11° 01.680
See source Sounds rough, one to avoid.
Djerba/Aghir Youth Hostel Camping N 33° 45.477
E 11° 00.833
See sources Not much info, could be OK, could be same as above.
Dougga Archaeological Site Guarded Parking Unclear See sources
Douz Youth Hostel Camping N 33° 27.604
E 9° 02.497
See sources No info, just have to turn up and see.
Douz Desert Club/CampingClub Camping N 33° 27.228
E 9° 01.505
See sources Closer to centre than youth hostel. Ellie rated highly, stayed a week, has a washing machine. Some websites report as closed, but must be old info.
El Faouar Hotel El Faouar Hotel Camping N 33° 21.502 E 8° 41.122 See source No reviews or other info available.
El Jem Municipal Parking Near Amphitheatre Unsure – May be Guarded Parking N 35° 17.861 E 10° 42.320 See source Sounds like a fenced in parking area, cassette emptying possible by asking for toilet key from someone (bath attendant?). Was €2.5 per 24 hours
Gabes Camping Gabes Camping N 33° 53.397
E 10° 05.531
See source Hard to tell if OK. Last update 2009, but no mention of it being closed. Another turn up and see job.
Gabes Fella Parc Camping N 33° 51.467, E 10° 05.017 See source Technomadics stayed two nights, manager a bit keen , sounds like a new place in 2010.
Gafsa La Galia Camping N 34° 24.340
E 8° 46.756
See source Al Hassan sounds better.
Gafsa Al Hassan Camping N34° 24.542
E 8° 45.041 
Secure camping under olive trees. 2.5km from town. 20TD per night in Jan 2013, including electricity and washing machine (the machine washes but doesn’t spin so clothes come out very wet). Chicken and chips in restuarant 8TD per person, and were nicely cooked. Good place, plenty of shade, nice people, reliable electricity, fab Orange 3G signal!
Guizen, Jerba Residence Guizen Hotel Camping N33° 52.242
E 10° 56.169
See source Was 25TD per night, including electricity. Link to website here.
Kelibia Horizon Bleu Restuarant Hotel Camping N 33° 41.724, E 8° 57.753 See source Unclear whether any guard available
Ksar Ghilane Camping Ghilane Camping N32° 59.315
E 9° 38.385
See sources Review from 2012 says good place. Need to be careful with owner though – Jospeh reports an attempted rip-off.
Ksar Ghilane El Biden Camping N32° 58.364
E 9° 38.159
See source Little info, hard to know if OK.
Ksar Ghilane Le Paradise Camping N32° 59.199
E 9° 38.289
2Km piste road, with some deepish sand to get here, driveable in a 2WD 3.1 tonne motorhome though. Cost was 16TD per night, without electricity. Short walk to the pool and the dunes beyond. Loud music played until about 10pm. Guarded by a chap in a tent at the entrance. All fine, except for those banging tunes! Showers cold when we were there, we didn’t ask for water but emptying loo would be easy enough in the toilet block. OK for a night, shame about the banging tunes as the location near the hot spring pool and the incredible dunes was just awesome.
Ksar Ghilane Ain Sebbat Camping N32° 59.987
E 9° 38.029
See source Probably about the same as Le Paradise – much of a muchness, and the music was so loud it would have rocked the van there too! :)
Ksar El Hallouf Enakhil Relax Camping N33° 17.571
E 10° 09.193
See source Not suitable for large vehicles. Sounds like you have to be careful agreeing prices.
Hammam Lif La Pineta Camping N36° 42.670
E 10° 24.412
See source Technomadics reports to be OK, but loo block is awful. Offroadreiesen gives impression it is in a bad state.
Hammamet Hotel Samaris Hotel Camping N36° 24.241
E 10° 33.606
See source Reasonable reviews on Sounds OK. Bus stop to Tunis nearby. Technomadics stayed for 2 months.
Hammamet Ideal Camping N36° 24.410
E 10° 32.628
See source Little info.
Hammamet Yasmine Marina Port Camping N36°22.350 E10° 32.800 See source Not sure if GPS co-ords correct. 3.5m height limit. Ask at harbour to stay. There is a laundrette, was 7TD for 7Kg.
Kebili Les Amis Du Desert (or Camping) Camping N33° 41.724 E08° 57.753 See sources Gets good comments on
La Goulette Roadside Nr Police Station Roadside N36° 48.888 E10° 18.303 Parking on the road next to a beach and opposite a police station Police outside the port directed us here. We had no trouble, arriving late and leaving in daylight. It didn’t feel a secure place to stay though. Technomadics may have been attacked in this spot by drunks?
Ben Guerdane El Marsa Camping N33° 12.111 E11° 14.397 See source Last resort going off comments on
Matmata Museum Dia Amor Camping Unknown – Matmata route de Douz km 8 See sources Looks like a campsite, with services
Matmata Chez Abdoul Restaurant Parking N 33° 32.687, E 9° 58.027 Parking area specifically for motorhomes. Next to Chez Abdoul Restuarant, in the centre of the town, maybe a 400m walk to the pit dwelling used as a Star Wars set. Mohammed may offer you a tour, cost is around 20TD (includes entry fees and tips) and takes about an hour. We enjoyed it. Unshaded parking area on sand/gravel surface. Looks out over the town and the pit dwellings. No price list – agree with Abdoul to buy a meal in return for a free night. Going rate in Feb 2013 was 15TD per person for the 3 course menu plus water and tea (we found the food to be good). Water available; we saw nowhere to empty the loo but didn’t ask.
Matmata Koussaila Hotel Camping N 32° 35.300, E 9° 58.150 See source Sounds like opposite hotel, possibly not secure. Was 5TD per night in 2006
Mdhilla L’Autre Desert Hotel Camping N 34° 10.021, E 8° 40.349 See source Appears to be in the middle of nowhere. Costs and instructions to get to the place here.
Metameur Ksar Metameur Camping N33° 22.134 E10° 26.216 12TD a night for two people, including electricity, water fill and black waste disposal. Seems to often be closed, either phone or just move the barrier and wait like we did, owner is a lovely lady who may arrive in the afternoon or morning. Possible to get food, but we didn’t try it. This is an incredible parking place, we loved it here and came back after visiting Tataouine and surrounding area. There is no security guard, but you’re tucked away well off the beaten track and it felt very safe to us.
Monastir Port de Plaisance Port Parking N35° 46.700 E10° 49.867 Well guarded all night, right next to several £m worth of luxury yachts. Only a car park. Clothes washing place (leave it and they return it later) signed but a bit hidden in a corner of the port (guard took it for us). Nowhere to empty loo, port toilets locked. Fresh water might be possible if you feel cheeky using the taps around the port. Price in Feb 2013 5TD per night. We witnessed a messy fight in the car park, but just locals and nothing to do with us. Several guards at night, restaurants and shops nearby, easy five minute walk to the ribat and the centre of town, a good overnight stop.
Nabeul Jasmin Hotel Camping N36° 26.571 E10° 42.923 See source Mixed reviews on Well situated for Nabeul. 300m from sea and archeological site. Seems like a good spot. Was 14TD for two people, inc elec.
Nabuel Youth Hostel Camping N36° 26.574 E10° 44.933 See sources Comments say good for night after the ferry.
Nefta Hotel Marhala Hotel Camping N 33° 52.183 E 7° 52.439 See source
Nouil Camping Nouil Camping N33° 29.628 E8° 52.158 See source No info on whether it is any good or not.
Port el Kantaoui Marina Port Camping N35° 53.633 E10° 35.683 See source Guarded parking, was €5 per day in 2009. Tip gardener to get water. Loo emptying possible.
Rejiche Les Pieds Dans L’Eau? Hotel Camping N35° 29.828 E11° 02.594 See source French-owned and photo of the place looks good.
Sbeitla Hotel Sufetula Hotel Camping N35° 14.694 E9° 06.783 Stayed Jan 2013, 25TD per night. Next to ruins. Included electricity and guarded. Fresh water hose pipe. Toilets available but in hotel. 25TD a bit steep for parking, but otherwise was a good place to stay.
Sbeitla Sbeitla Archaeological Site Guarded Parking N 35° 14.200 E 9° 07.300 See source Room for 15 motorhomes, level of security unclear
Sfax Camping Hostel Hotel Camping N34° 44.103 E10° 44.827 See source 1km to the Medina, secure, sounds OK.
Sidi Fredj, Kerkennah Islands Kastil Hotel Camping Unclear See source No services, nearb beach, photo looks good, attached to restuarant and bar, was 15TD per night.
Sfax – El Jem El Kahena Hotel Camping N35° 01.246 E11° 00.364 See sources Gets very good reviews on and
Bir Soltane Soltane Camping N33° 16.349 E9° 42.083 See source Possibly not accessible to non 4×4?
Sousse Youth Hostel Camping Hotel Camping N35° 50.404 E10° 37.473 See sources Safe place to stay. 300m to the beach, 1.5km walk to medina. Surrounded by plush-looking resturants, hotels and even bars. Guarded 24 hours. Friendly staff. Hot showers included. Toilet emptying and water refill both available (you have to use the hostel toilets, no dedicated black water point). Cost was 14TD per night for two people.
Sousse Car Park on Avenue Taieb Mehiri Guarded Parking N35° 50.426 E10° 37.651 2TD for overnight arking, 1TD for day-only parking. Guarded 24 hours according to the owner. No services.
  • We walked past and asked the owner whether motorhomers were allowed. He was very happy for us to stay, but we were already parked in the Youth Hostel further along the road, which we found to be a good place to stay
Looked OK as a back-up if the Youth Hostel is full, closed for some reason or if you want to save a few €s.
Tamerza Les Cascades Hotel Camping N34° 22.968 E7° 55.983 See source Sounds a bit rough.
Tatatoine Mabrouk Hotel Camping N32° 55.052 E10° 24.899 See sources Sounds OK, possibly some noise, no power. Friendly owner reported, charging 20TD per night.
Tatatoine Gazelle Hotel Camping N32° 55.615 E10° 26.785 We saw no services, hotel parking close to centre of town, well guarded. Has a bar, but it closes early and we saw no problems with drunk folks. Good central location, but still quiet for us. Guarded. 20TD per night in Feb 2013.
Tatatoine Sangho Hotel Camping N32° 54.873 E10° 24.989 A long way from town, secure, electricity availble (cable goes through a window into someone’s bedroom). We didn’t ask about toilet emptying or water refill as we used the Ksar at Metameur. 30TD per night, no chance to negotiate. We asked how much for two nights, 60TD. Expensive, but a nice hotel with a good pool if it’s warm enough to use it!
Téboursouk Hotel Thougga Hotel Camping N36° 27.459 E9° 15.343 Stayed Jan 2013. Well hidden from road. Appeared some km from the town. No services available. Good overnight stay, safe and OK value at 15TD per night.
Al Fahs Thuburbo Majus Archaeological Site N36° 23.600 E09° 54.183 GPS co-ordinates taken from the web, may not be correct. Parking inside secure compond for the ruins. Pay guardian, have to leave before park opens?
Tozeur Sahara Res-el Ain Camping N33° 54.632 E08° 06.884 See source All sounds OK.
Tozeur Les Beaux Reves Camping N33° 54.829 E08° 07.611 See sources Good review from 2011 on campingcar-infos, possibly over 30TD per night. Washing machine available for a fee?
Sidi Bou Said Marina Port Camping N36° 52.049 E10° 20.993 See source We stayed in the car park next door, and we advised to leave by the police at midnight. Blue Camel Tours website states they use this marina.
Tabarka Marina Port Camping N36° 57.482 E8° 45.525 On quayside. No services. Ask at police office at entrance, exceptionally friendly and refused payment. Short walk to beach and town. Great place, no shade in summer and no services, but excellent welcome and easy to access the small town and beach.Joseph reported a charge of 5TD per night, and toilets accessible by asking for a key from the ‘captainerie’.

The same locations are mapped out below to give an idea where the sites are located.

Center map
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