Lazy in Koroni (Κορώνη)

Dave the motorhome, Ju, Jay and Charlie are all being, well, lazy. Even more lazy than usual. We’re safely ensconced in Camping Koroni, a short walk from the town of Koroni, and are bathed in sunshine, again. It would cost us €31 a night in high season, but is actually €16 at the moment with the wonderful ACSI discount card. With free WiFi and our massive booster antenna we’re catching up on all the news, watching TED videos and the like. Oh, and supping the odd glass of Italian wine we brought with us on the ferry over. In keeping with this new low in activity, today’s blog post is exceptionally short, indeed, it too is lazy:

Cheers from the birdsong and sunshine, Jay


  1. “Don’t even know what day it is” That is chilled out!
    Fantastic, just what a motorhome is for, wishing you more days like that.

  2. Glad to see you chilling out in the sun in Ellatha.
    We arrived home this evening and are now literally chilling out – have just put heating on and wish we were back in Morocco. Still, must go and watch our daughter run the London Marathon on Sunday. Keep having fun. If you plan on going to the north of Greece, let us know and we’ll send you details of where we stayed.

    • Welcome home guys.

      The London Marathon, what a great day, so many people all leaning in the same direction. Good luck for your daughter, I used to distance run, it takes an awful lot of prep and mental strength to keep going over such a long distance, I never made it that far, you must be very proud of your daughter.

      Northern Greece? To be honest, I’m not even sure which bit that is, east or west, must get the map out. Our rough plan is to head up to Bulgaria and north from there. Can you recommend any places for us, we’re always on the look out for suggestions.

      It rained here last night, proper big fat rain and thunder. All clear again now, warm light floating through the window and onto a sleepy Charlie.

      Cheers! Jay

  3. Jay/Ju,


    I take it you’re still planning on returning north through Rom/Bulg? I only ask because that is our planned route this time next year so we follow your steps with salivation.


    • Hi Simon, greetings from beneath the lightning-lit sky of Greece! Yep, that’s the plan. We’ve done zero research on either country, but to check we’re covered for insurance. That reminds me, we met a young Romanian lady doing research on communism while we were in Hungary, in an outdoor museum of monumental communist era statues, must drop her a line for advice, more on places to go than on communist doctrine, a subject we’re still only dimly aware of – although I’ve spotted a few red hammer and sickle icons on the walls and newspapers of Greece – must have a read. Cheers! Jay

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