Inspire us! Got any questions?

Hi everyone!

We’ve just looked at the map and noticed Italy’s getting pretty close! We’re getting better at geography, slowly.

We’ve a raft of data left on our 3G dongle and it’s lashing it down, so if anyone’s got any ideas for articles we can write which might be interesting or useful, please let us know. :)

Thanks, Jay


  1. Hi. Have been following your journey for a few months… planning one of our own in a couple of months – VERY excited. We were hoping to get someone to look after our dog, a lively Springer, but it looks like for some of our travels at least she will be coming with us. Just wondered how you have found it, i.e. restrictive? I’m worried that if we leave her in the van for example to go to the supermarket etc that she might get stolen! Daft I know, but I can’t hope but worry. Also the whole pet passport thing, I would value any advice. I see that a tick collar is compulsary in parts of France? Anyway, I would be grateful for any ideas, we are trying to work out the best way of securing here whilst we are on the road. Well, good wishes and we will continue to be inspired by your travels!

  2. The header photos on your blog are so good it took me a long time to realize they are your own, maybe you should put them in an album!are they cropped from a normal photo or are you able to take panoramic shots with your camera

    • Thanks Bob

      Yep, we’ve taken them on our normal camera then cropped them to size using Paint. When we’re out and about I keep my eyes open for scenes and patterns that will go well in the long, thin format.

      I’ve kept them all in a folder and think when we finally get back they’ll make good material to go on our walls. They all certainly bring back good memories.

      There’s a section in the Information Zone of some of our favourite full size photos – some of which you may recognise from the headers!



  3. Hi Guys
    “Davy’s on the road again” I am sure you are singing that song from time to time.

    I am reading a book at the moment called “Tales of the Alhambra” by Washington Irving It would have been good to read this before we went to Granada as the place names and historical places would have meant more. The reason I mention this is that where you decide to go next might be even more enjoyable if you could find a book that tells tales of the area you are heading for. Italy must have loads. Just a thought.
    Loving the Blog.
    all the best Kim and Dave.

    • Cheers Dave, that is a great idea. Our books at the moment are all Lonely Plant and Rough Guide – which give snippets of info but don’t really inspire us to get out there and interact with folks, or to even get a good feeling for where we are sometimes! Italy is on the radar now, we’re expecting to be there in a couple of weeks. Now then, where is our Italian phrase book? I’ve only been to the towns in the very north, snowboarding. I once went into a mountain cafe and asked for a latte, thinking I’d get a milky coffee. They looked at me a bit confused and produced some hot milk! Cheers Dave, Jay x

  4. Bonsoir Julie and Jason, what sort of direction are you planning to take from where you are now? there are lots of wonderful medievel villages not too far from your current position. Our last holiday in France was in the “Lot department”, great for cycling and general sightseeing, reminded us a lot of Derbyshire Dales,but with the added bonus of miles and miles of vineyards which produce some fabulous wines. meandering river gorges and the “bastide villages” are incredible, a bit like a time warp in some places. If/when you decide to move over to Italia, just be careful which route you choose,the tunnel routes can be costly in places (thinking of your budget),the mountain passes are great for driving and scenery but some of the lesser known ones are closed until mid June, they tend to have a lot of late season snow too at high altitude.
    atb Mike.

    • Hi Mike! We’re heading over to Italy in the next couple of weeks, travelling via Provence. Good advice about the tunnels and passes, thanks very much. We’ve not sorted a route yet, so I’ll find out which of the southern passes are open and get some snow chains if they’re looking covered still – I love the mountains, much more than motorways :). Cheers, Jay x

  5. Hello you three, just wanted to say I’m playing catch up with your journey and loving every minute of it. (I’m a couple of months behind!) I’m getting more and more excited about our trip if we can pull it off!:I’ve turned into a Gumtree freak and am selling everything I can get my hands on!! Am constantly scanning for MH but so far no joy. Would love a Hymer or maybe Autotrail Mohican…good luck, happy travels and keep up the good work. Loving the blog.

    • You have to pull it off! Only one go at life, grab your chance. If we can offer any advice, pls just ask. Cheers, Jay x

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