Hymer B544 Motorhome For Sale, Seeks New Loving Home

The time’s come for the Motorhome Formerly Known as Dave to be set free. We realised that he has been on the drive for six months and barely used, so he’s up for sale, hopefully to someone who can take him off on adventures anew; he’s chomping at the bit, adventure wagon that he is. We’re ploughing on with our long term aim to hit early retirement and we need to sell Dave, ah, erm, our B544 motorhome, to get the money invested, sad but true.

If you’re interested, or know someone who may be, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re about 3 miles off J26 of the M1, near IKEA Nottingham (postcode NG16 3NJ), and can be contacted at julieandjason@ourtour.co.uk or 07860 827 454 to arrange a good time to look over the van and have a chat over a brew. There’s a bunch of photos below, followed by all the facts we can remember!

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The Hymer B544 Motorhome formerly known as Dave
The Hymer B544 Motorhome formerly known as Dave


Key Facts

  • Asking price: £9500 ono
  • First registered in Germany in 1993, Imported into the UK in 2002
  • 126270 miles (the speedo shows KMs), Full Service History plus operating guides
  • 2.5 Non-Turbo Diesel Engine
  • Left Hand Drive, manual, five gears with power steering
  • UK-legal headlights/rear fog light
  • 3100 Kg max weight
  • MOT to 14 Sep 2014
  • Tax to 31 Aug 2014
  • 30 litre Refillable LPG tank for heating, water heating, cooking & fridge, with dish and bayonet adapters included
  • 100 litre Fresh and Waste water tanks
  • 100Wp Solar Panel with 12V 100 Ah Leisure Battery
  • 2 Bike Rack
  • Comfortably sleeps 4, with 2 full belted seats and 4 lap-belted seats


  • 3 burner hob powered by LPG
  • 3 way Electrolux fridge (12V when engine running, or LPG/230V hook-up when stationary) with freezer compartment
  • Sink with hot and cold mixer tap
  • Air extraction fan and light
  • Control unit showing status of starter/leisure battery and fresh/grey water tanks
  • Storage and bin


  • Wet-room style
  • Thetford cassette chemical toilet
  • Mixer tap which also acts as ceiling-mountable shower head
  • Panel to allow shower head to be used outside
  • Mirrored storage unit and under sink storage


  • Over-cab drop-down double bed, ladder included (although we never needed it)
  • Living area also converts into a double and a single, or one very large bed area


  • Eight overhead cupboards
  • Storage under long bench
  • Storage under one of the short benches
  • Wardrobe with removable shelves (hanging rail in place if you don’t want shelves)
  • Bathroom and kitchen storage
  • Storage under passenger seat


  • Truma water heater, powered by LPG
  • Truma blown air heating, powered by LPG
  • External Silver Screens for windscreen and two cab side windows
  • Thermal black-out lining on all curtains


  • LED lighting strips to both sides of main living area
  • 12V strip light and spot lights in main living area
  • 12V lights in Kitchen and Bathroom


  • 100Ah 12V leisure battery
  • Leisure battery charged from alternator when engine running, or from 230V hook-up and/or 100Wp solar panel mounted on the roof
  • 230V hook-up with EU-style two pin (three pin adapter included) socket in kitchen, and three pin socket in living area.
  • 12v sockets in kitchen, living area & dashboard


  • Radio-CD player (plus USB connection) with surround sound, speakers on dashboard and in living area
  • Analogue TV aerial
  • Flat panel TV mounting bracket
  • Air-assisted suspension fitted
  • Removable carpets to main living space
  • Additional security lock fitted to exterior of habitation door, interior of habitation door and drivers door
  • Manual lever for drop-down step to habitation door

If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, thanks! Jason and Julie.


  1. Hi There!
    Well done! That’s the way to go, your comments on Thailand weren’t unnoticed, while we were waiting to retire I calculated that if we moved to Spain and rented for 5 years, we could retire in 6 months time, so in reality the move to Spain meant we retired 5 years earlier (I was waiting for a big pension to kick in at the end of the 5 years).

    The plan worked really well, renting a property was cheap and easy (as it is now). So the point I make is that your goal is easily achievable.

    So bring in all the Brain storming ideas, look at each idea carefully

    Some would say your wishing your life away! I’d say you’ve got your eye on it!

    Another small point, ask your friends to be honest and admit if they can afford to retire at 65 how can you? When you loose your salary and are “awarded” £110.15p per week!

    One last point whatever your circumstances make sure you pay your national insurance contribution, even if you have to pay it yourself, if you have a shortfall in contributions, it will cost you dearly!

    I copy my comments from November…………

    Dreams really can come true!

    Mike and June November 15, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Nice to be still reading your blog, life is a bitch no mistake!

    Hope you get where you want to go eventually, thing is, it’s time itself which is your enemy, not much else really.

    I decided way back in my late teens that early retirement was as good a goal as any!

    So I spent a lifetime aiming for just that, have the kids early, etc etc.

    Been retired since I was 51 (10 years ago) 3 x very nice pensions, motorhome, bungalow etc etc.

    The point I make is that early retirement is a far better goal than a stop/start existance……Let me explain, say you work for 3 or 4 years and have enough for the boat, there will be costs of course and a limited area to explore,to be honest all canals look the same to me, and of course it will be raining 90 percent of the time.

    When the time comes to rejoin the rat race, jobs will be harder if not impossible to find, age will work against you untill you become unemployable, at this point you will probably live in poverty like so many others waiting for the call to a higher plain.

    Consider putting things on hold for a while and setting up your plan for a much later date, you don’t have to live in misery while you wait either, but any achievable dream is better than a nightmare.

    My apologies if my advice has overstepped the mark.

  2. I would take him on my adventures if only I were ready. It would be good to have an old hand as a travel companion but I’m sure he will off on his travels before too long. Good luck

  3. I love Dave. I can be a reference = I’ve met him in St Tropez, The Cotswolds and Cornwall – Dave loves the open road and the open road loves Dave.
    Please only sell to a careful, loving new owner.

    Bon Voyage Dave


    • Hi, we are holding the van for a couple until Friday 2nd May. If they can’t raise the funds, we’ll put it back on eBay. Cheers, Jay

  4. Hi, great to see our old van still going strong! We imported “Bertha” in Dec 2001 from Flensburg- extra exciting as she was our first Motorhome. Since then we’ve stuck with 544’s and travelled all over Europe including a couple of swaps (see blog).

    • Wow, great to hear from you guys! Yup, ‘Dave’ is, as far as we know, still going strong. He/she certainly was when we parted company last year, and had a fabulous time ploughing around the mountains, rivers, lakes, forests and deserts we came across on our travels, a real trooper. The LPG tank was pretty awesome too. Cheers and thanks for getting in touch, Jay

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