Here’s the science part!


By stopping on Aires we don’t have electric hook up for Dave. So part of the daily routine is charging all our gadgets and gizmos.

J fitted a solar panel to the top of Dave and this magically charges our leisure battery (separate from the main engine battery so we know Dave’ll start in the morning) – JT will be able to answer any questions you have about this part!

The leisure battery spits out 12 volt power and all our stuff needs more than that, so we use the inverter that Ce & Jamie bought us a while back. This again magically turns the electric into something we can plug in to.

We’ve found that by plugging in the laptop we can charge that plus several other items via it’s usb ports – such as the iphone, iPad, htc phone & kindle. Who said science was tricky?

Ju x


  1. J²+ C

    Hi Guys – just wanted to say that it’s cool reading about your adventures, it all sounds very chilled out.

    Me likey keep it up xxx

  2. We woke up this morning to find none of the electrics were working! Seems we’d taxed the old leisure battery a bit too much yesterday. I’ve topped it up with distilled water, the sun is shining on the PV panel and we’ve driven a few miles for supplies so we’re up and running again now. Lesson learned: run the inverter when the engine is running, or at least during the day!

  3. But where does the internet come from…?

    My mind is boggling.

    Glad to see you’re all enjoying yourself – good to see there is sun with you.You look like you’ve gone quite a way already!

    Officially outed my pregnancy self at E.ON – it was fun. And have a bit of a bump now and felt a kick when ‘smells like teen spirit’ came on the radio yesterday!
    Have fun x

    • Ah, that’s the magic! Internet is on phone – we have a package which gives us 25MB per day – enough to update the blog, reply to messages and check out where to go next (it’s also why we need to keep charging the phone).

      I can officially say congratulations now :-) it’s brilliant news and hope it all goes well for you – also hope all is good for you at eon. Keep your head down though as you’re probably the only person who’s left who used to do B2B stuff! Once George has gone in December, they might be calling on you!

      Ju x

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