Help! Where do we go from here?

Hi all! We’re sat in Dave looking at the map. Which way now? Our initial ‘plan’, such that it was, was to head  over to Italy and Greece for May/June time and work our way back up to the UK for our November date with the MOT man. Depending on funds, and whether we actually wanted to keep going, we may have then been able to stretch to another 6 months on the road, getting back and looking for work in spring 2013.

Our little jaunt into Morocco has thrown us off a bit. If we head south now, we’ll probably hit Greece in July. Sounds pretty awesome (I’m biased as I love snorkelling and the water will be warm), but our furry animal friend Charlie may not be so keen on the roasting temperatures.

Our other option is to head north up into Scandinavia, hitting the Arctic circle in June or July. This means we’ll be able to wander up Norway, which we’re advised is simply awesome. Means I’m snorkelling in the North Sea, but hey, I’d just have to man up (or cough up and buy a wetsuit).

Tough decision, but someone’s got to make it! We’ve added a poll to the right for a bit of fun. Would be great if you can add comments to this post too, giving us your thoughts on where we should head.

Cheers! Jay and Ju (and the mutt Charlie)


  1. Go north, 40 degree heat in a van can’t be good, unless you have kick ass air con, in which case screw the heat and go south.

    • Kick ass air con we do not have old chap! We have an evaporative air thing which is supposed to pull the temperature down by 3 or 4 degrees, but we’re not sure if it really does anything. Hmmmm. Have a good weekend mate, Jay

  2. How cold is the north. My theory is that its less fun when its cold for a long period of time. I vote heat.

    • Charlie says ‘I like it ‘ot, but not this ‘ot’! Actually fairly cool here at the moment, just 20 odd degrees in the shade. Give us 30 or 40 degrees and may be rather unpleasant though. Hmmmm.

  3. Shave Charlie, head south. The north is cold and cold is never good. The north is also more expensive… have you seen the price of beer in Malmo?!

  4. Thinking about it even more… shave Charlie but leave a bit of beard, shave Jay again, and bingo… a matching pair. Perfect! What is they say about dogs and their owners? ;-)

    • Hi Craig, I’m already about 10% dog. He’s on my clothes, in my beard, occasionally I find some of him in my food! We’ve already shaved most of his fur off too. Going out tonight, will have a beer and mull it over. Hard life.

  5. Go North because you can always do the hot places when you can’t do the cold places. Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland must have studed tyre rules (I know Sweden does 1st Dec – 31st March and Norway Oct – March)

    Plus if your in the general area then Steph & myself will see you there as we’re heading that direction in July travelling in Cecel with Cooper our mini-Labradoodle : )

    • Good point Matt. We’ve already been snowboarding in Levi. Saw some vans up there in minus twenty summut degrees, Dave would die. Tough decision though, thanks for the advice. Jay

  6. I would say to Greece, you can get a ferry from Venice (and in reality there is very little other than San Marino on the East Coast). I’m guessing by the pace which you did Portugal that you quite like the coast – if you liked that then you’ll LOVE Greece! Then of course you get to come back up through Bulgaria and Romania (Black Sea coast) and exit into Hungary which opens up Slovakia, Poland and Czech.

    With so much you haven’t seen on your doorstep it seems silly to drive the length of the European continent!

  7. I’ve heard Scandinavia is pretty expensive but I think Greece will be too hot. How about doing, say, Germany, Poland, Denmark. Might be just right – not too hot. You could always pop across into Sweden for a look in mid summer.

    BTW the cheapest diesel is in Luxembourg.

    Paul (who recently bought a ’93 Hymer 644).

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