Has it really been a year??

Yep it has. We’ve been back in the UK for just a few days over a year – I really don’t know where the time has gone.

So what’s happened? Are we fully back in the rat race? Has Charlie got withdrawl symptoms? Where is Dave?

Well as you might know, we got home and rented a house for a few months. During this time Jay started contracting back at the company we both left before we hit the road. I took a bit longer to get a job, but by Christmas I was working as a Marketing Strategist – a role similar to the one I was doing before, but different enough to keep me challenged and interested.

Since then I’m still in the same role – my contract ends in November, but there is talk of a full time position. I also continue to work evenings and weekends helping people to make money or save money on their household bills and shopping – it keeps me busy, but I do love it. Jay had his contract renewed several times and that finally ended at the start of September.

We’ve continued to be careful with our money, still tracking everything we spend, and still shop at Lidl most of the time. This has meant that we have lived off my salary and anything Jay brought in went into savings/investments. We released some equity in the bungalow we rent out and with that and our savings managed to buy ourselves a new home – for cash! How crazy is that?

Not only do we have a home, but at the front of it is also a shop (it used to be a butchers) which we are trying to rent out. There is also the old slaugherhouse at the back (don’t worry, it no longer smells of meat and nothing has been killed in it for a long time) which we have put in for planning permission to turn into accommodation.

Since June this year we’ve been working on the house pretty much every spare hour. It’s been rewired and replumbed and we’ve finished doing downstairs, including a second hand kitchen – it’s amazing what you find on Gumtree – and a wood burner which has been on our bucket list for a while. We’ve now started work on the upstairs with the hope of getting that completed before we get the planning permission for the slaugherhouse.

Charlie has spend most of the summer in Skegness with his Grandparents and has slowly weaned himself off beach life, while Dave drove off into the sunset with his new owner shortly before we moved in to our new home – there were tears, but the money we got from him has been a big help with the costs of rewiring, etc.

So are we fully back in the rat race – we don’t think so. Sure we’re both back in Corporatesville, but we both know it’s only for the short-term. We sat in a pub beer garden yesterday and set our goals for the next 6 months and 3 years. We couldn’t think beyond that just yet – but we do know that we need to keep OurTour up and running as one day we will head off again, don’t know where or how – but we’ve been bitten by the adventure bug and the lure of the road is still very strong.

Ju x


  1. brilliant to have an update thank you so much and can’t wait till you guys manage to go off again, we hope to be doing the same thing in 5 years. If all our investments etc come off by then and can leave our jobs.

  2. Lovely to here all of that,glad you are both well. I have missed the updates, however I have managed to find my own Dave, He is called Bertie ( an S555) and we have already clocked up 4500 miles round the UK and Europe in the last six months( still have to work mind you)Keep up the good work

  3. Great to hear your news, looks like you are building firm foundations which will enable further travel. Deborah & I are off to France on Sunday. It is a big step after her stem cell transplant. We are packing Helga the Hymer right now and both excited about setting off. All the best to you both.

  4. Hi you two. How nice to get an update and I’m happy to you you are still plotting and scheming. My plans are coming together too. A bit later than I had hoped for but best laid plans ….. I’ve had a difficult few months and illness resulted in me losing my job – again. This time I was one step ahead because I had already started the ball rolling. I pick up my lovely hymer exodus sk on 27th, setting my son up in his new flat, get doggy passport, tidy a few loose ends and then my adventures start. Exciting and scary at the same time but I’m so ready for it. Still dip into your blog for tips and advice so you have to take some responsibility for my recklessness (according to, bravery according to most)
    Best wishes

  5. So pleased you are still planning on escaping again, your blog has inspired us to go the same way and things are getting close.
    We have bought a ferry ticket for 19th October and plan to be in the south of Spain or Portugal for Christmas and New Year and work our way back up the Atlantic coast arriving in Le Mans for the 24 hour race in June.
    We have set up a blog http://www.wheresfrankie.co.uk to keep family and friends informed of where we are are and can only hope that it is at least half as good as yours!!
    Hope to see you one day and thank you properly with a few beers and glasses of wine!
    Mark & Lucy

  6. Hi there. Great to hear from you again. Sounds like you are busy. Good to have goals and keep the travel bug alive. Haven’t been anywhere but home. Hiking in the mountains and spending time with my granddaughter. Being retired is great. Hope you are enjoying life. Take care.

  7. Hey folks,

    Mad to think you’ve been back a year already! I recall some 18 months ago, you helped feed the flames for out travel adventure. Now we’re living in our van full time and less than 4 weeks away from catching the eurotunnel back to Calais for our 2 year roadtrip! Time certainly does fly.

    We look forward to reading further instalments as and when they happen! :-)

  8. Blimey, how time flies!

    18 months ago, we discovered your blog after having made the decision to go travelling too. Now we’re living full time in Dora and we leave for Calais in less than 4 weeks!!

    Wishing you luck in all of your future endeavours,

    P,S and P

  9. Great to get the update, stick with the plan guys – you know it makes sense. We’re in Cornwall all winter, pop down for a few days by the sea :-) love Phil & Joules x

  10. Hello you two,
    Congratulations on your new home, sounds amazing. It is great to get an update, your future plans sound good.
    All the best.
    Christine & Paul xx

  11. Great to hear from you both again.

    Seems like you are still ‘adventuring’ but in different ways.

    We are living full time in Hettie the Hymer thanks to my broken tib & fib. Hopefully off to rent in France prior to purchase one my part-weight-bearing plaster can be removed in about 6 weeks.

    We are having our own adventure!!!

    Thanks so much for all your helpful advice and adventuring over the years.

    All the best,

    Roger and Sylvia

  12. Just come across your blog and cannot wait to read more of it. I have been saying for far too long that I need a change in life style and get out and enjoy life, something you have had the kahunas to do. Who knows what the future holds!

    Good luck in your new home, and just maybe see you on the road!


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