Happy Easter Everyone!




  1. Happy Easter to you three, (hope the cream eggs don`t make Charlie ill)I recall someone warning us when we were sharing some chocolate with our dog Tess, that it was not good for them at all, even though Tess loved a little chocolate.
    Hope the clutch repair turns out well, they`re not cheap jobs, with labour cost being the most expensive item on the bill!! Even more so at main dealers prices currently here in UK £75-£85 per hour. One problem to consider is that your Hymer is built in a LGV chassis/running gear/engine/gear-box unit, not all repair shops have lifts and necessary equipment with the capacity to accomodate a vehicle of this weight or size.
    I run a large van as well as my motorhome, and for clutch replacement/repair I use a specialist national franchise in UK called Mr Clutch, they’re really good and spot on competitive prices.
    Might be worth a look on Google to see if any similar setup close to where you are located?
    You will be amazed at what you can find in France, even out in the remotest places are small local industrial business estates.
    I had a similar clutch/gear-change problem on my van, it turned out to be the thrust-race bearing mounting spigot, had just worn and partially collapsed. Not too expensive, but always best to fit a complete clutch unit (pressure plate,driven plate & thrust bearing) hopefully your fly-wheel/starter ring are all okay. My repair cost around £480 sterling including labour.
    very best of luck, have a great weekend.
    Best regards Mike.

    p.s enjoying the blog and the photo’s are very good too.
    just to keep you on the “positive thought train J”, weather back home is normal bank holiday stuff, overcast with occassional drizzle, around 11C currently in East Leake.
    Just remember, every problem is just another challenge!! you can find a way to overcome, the power of positive thought is amazing.

    • Hi Mike, thanks for the help! Charlie’s not allowed chocolate, well not much. He tried to grab one of the mini eggs so it went in the bin. We are going to stick it out with the main dealer. It will be painfully expensive, but with luck we have much of Europe to cover and should be worth it. We have found a few of Dave’s parts are no longer in OEM production (the rear spring mount bushes), although we don’t know if a main dealer could help with that? The dealer here looked like an impressive set up, and even had a parking spot reserved for camping cars. We’ll see how they get on. In positive thinking mode: all will be good and it’ll be worth every cent. Cheers! Jay

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