Goodbye 2011, bring on 2012!

As is traditional at this time of year, we’re looking back. Our lives have changed beyond recognition in 12 months. We had so much more stuff! And yet having shed much of it, we’re so much happier. It seems well paid full time jobs, 6 computers, a hot tub, 2 more bedrooms than we needed, a new car, 4 bikes, a big plasma telly, games console, DVD player (you get the picture) doesn’t equal happiness after all. At least not for us.

We now find ourselves living in a camper van. And we love it. We have some luxuries with us, like a laptop, but find much of the time we don’t use them. The TV has been turned on once, to see if it worked. We don’t watch the news, read the papers, browse the Internet for hours or listen to the radio. And somehow we don’t miss any of it. 2011 has been a real eye opener. For me personally (hi, it’s Jay here), these past weeks on the road have reminded me what I’m passionate about, and awakened new passions. If the trip had a single goal for me, that would have been it.

Looking forward to 2012, we have an awesome prospect ahead of us. Nine to 11 months (we decide) of freedom to travel the continent, probably visiting Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and a few as yet undecided countries. We’ve already met inspirational people, young and old, and we hope to meet more.

We do of course miss one thing: our friends and families. This blog has proved a fun and fulfilling way for us to stay in touch and we’re so grateful to you for reading and sending your comments. Sorry about the maths puzzles, the spam was driving us both nuts!

So, Dave’s got lucky today and had a wash and tidy out ready for a few thousand more miles, sorry, kilometres. Ju’s sussed a potential party spot for tonight beneath the town walls, Charlie’s kipping after chasing a bloke parachuting and I’ve got a stew on.

Have a great evening everyone, and we hope 2012 brings you whatever you desire.

Love, Jay and Ju (and Charlie)



  1. Hey you three! Have a very happy New Year! No fancy dress in Germany, but a party nonetheless. Stay safe and wishing you many more happy miles of adventure. Love n hugs Anne

  2. Hello Buckleys! Well, what a year! Glad you are enjoying yourselves. I hope you have a good night tonight, I’m sure you will. We are a bit lost without you on NYE, feel like we should be desperately hunting for some bizarre fancy dress outfits! Hope to speak to you soon, love and kisses to you all, Jon, Sue, Joe & Annabelle. XXxx

    • Hi mate! Ju says can you think up an amusing reply (shouldn’t take you long, you sharp old chap) to her question on FB? Cheers! Jay

  3. Happy new year guys. I managed to blowup the boiler last night, so we are now pretend camping in our house and getting in the spirit with you. What a time to blow it up, one of the only 2 days of the year every shop is closed, so can’t even by fan heaters. Oh well, it’s an adventure, wrap up warm.

    My final image of 2011 is jay half naked and soapy. Great year.

    Looking forward to following our adventures through 2012.

    Love from us all.

    • Oh no. That’s not so good. Get a fire going in the garden to keep you warm (you won’t be needing the Christmas tree for much longer).

      Take care, keep warm and have a great 2012!

      Ju x

      • Just re read my post. I meant to say look forward to following your adventures in 2012. Bloody auto correct.

        The tree will be alight shortly.

        Blank x 8 = 2. Am I drunk or is it a fraction.

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