Getting Level – Motorhome Spirit Level

Our motorhome spirit level
Our motorhome spirit level
Our motorhome spirit level

Motorhomes have the rather wonderful property of being moveable.

Only thing is: not all of the thousands of places we can park them (some here) are flat. Which leads to an interesting array of in-van problems: needing ropes and crampons to get to the kitchen, risking important anatomy as the loo door slaps shut, and face-planting into that swinging wardrobe door as you attempt to pass. Not to mention the ‘clinging on’ sensation from sleeping in bed on a wonk, and the resultant aching back of a morning.

The simple solution: get some ramps. Only thing with ramps is, which wheels do you put ’em under, and how far do you drive up them? After years of guessing, or staring at a bit of remaining tea in a cup and trying to suss out our angle of wonk, we bought Zagan, and he had a two-way spirit level in him. Dead simple to fit (not that I managed it!), cheap and easy to read. Sorted. Almost. We do still have the odd, ahem, discussion about how level ‘level’ is. In the photo above, I deem this to be level, ish, while Ju prefers the bullseye in both directions kind of level…

Here’s the level on Amazon, if you’re still using the old ‘tea cup’ approach!

Cheers! Jay


  1. Ha, my hubby, Peter, is still not convinced … 😊How can you be sure the thing was fitted correctly, that’s his words …. I do not mind a lot about level, levellish or not level at all, but he does!
    Anyway, good you used a cup of tea, wine or beer would not do the trick, since your glasses would be empty, always … ;-))

  2. We bought a level when we first got the van and got some ramps later on, but to be honest we aren’t that bothered about being level. The only time it’s annoying is when the water collects away from the drain in the shower!
    Nearly level is perfect after a couple of glasses of wine!

  3. We do the door test. For front/back levelling, we use the van’s sliding door to test if we’re level enough (does it stay in the same position or slide back/forth?). For side to side, we use the the bathroom door. It’s probably not as accurate as a gadget, but it’s good enough!


  4. we use one of the red triangular things placed on the table plus a clear bottle of liquid on the habitation door step. if that fails……the memsahib has the eye of and eagle!

  5. We have always used a couple of cans of beer making sure they roll the correct way or not at all. Then we drink them,

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