Books we love, and ones on our wish list!

We hope reading our blog is inspiring you to go for it and travel, whether it’s a weekend away on RyanAir, or a year or two away in your motorhome. Below are a few books we’ve read and which inspired us to quit work and travel for a while, some that are on our wishlist and others that have helped us to travel – maps, phrase and guide books.

What we’re reading now

Jay is currently reading How to Live Off-grid to learn how other folks live.  Julie has just finished The Girl on the Train, which was a great modern day who-dunnit, she’s now re-reading How to Win Friends and Influence People – a must read book for everyone! We’re also both regularly dipping into our 15-Minute French Phrase Book!


Motorhoming Adventures

Before you look at the motorhoming books below, I hope you’ve had a chance to read our book – A Monkey Ate My Breakfast : Motorhome Adventures in Morocco is available for all types of eReader and in paperback in the UK and US!

Inspirational Travel Books


Great Guide Books


Motorhoming – Finding Places to Stay



Easy to Use Phrase Books


Please note: if you use the links above to buy any of the books it won’t cost you any more than buying direct from the site, however the site will kindly pay us a few pence for referring you.

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