Books we love, and ones on our wish list!

We hope reading our blog is inspiring you to go for it and travel, whether it’s a weekend away on RyanAir, or a year or two away in your motorhome. Below are a few books we’ve read and which inspired us to quit work and travel for a while, some that are on our wishlist and others that have helped us to travel – maps, phrase and guide books.

What we’re reading now

Jay is currently reading How to own the world by Andrew Craig to further his financial education.  Julie is in autobiography mode and has just finished On the edge by Richard Hammond, which was a great insight into his high speed accident and the effects of a brain injury, she’s now reading A journey by Tony Blair. We’re also both regularly dipping into our 15-Minute Spainsh Phrase Book and listening to our Spanish language CDs!

Motorhoming Adventures

Before you look at the motorhoming books below, I hope you’ve had a chance to read our book – A Monkey Ate My Breakfast : Motorhome Adventures in Morocco is available for all types of eReader and in paperback in the UK and US!

Inspirational Travel Books


Great Guide Books


Motorhoming – Finding Places to Stay



Easy to Use Phrase Books


Financial Education

Don’t forget our free eBook about how we became financially free – Funding Freedom.

Please note: if you use the links above to buy any of the books it won’t cost you any more than buying direct from the site, however the site will kindly pay us a few pence for referring you.

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