Free prescription glasses from, too good to be true?

I (Jay) wear glasses. For travelling I need two pairs in order to stay legal in some countries, and also need prescription sunglasses as I don’t fancy wearing contact lenses all of the time. So what? Well, I’m also quite tight (every penny’s a prisoner), and hate spending huge amounts on prescription glasses. My last pair were ordered from an Internet site, and have turned out to be fabulous. Only problem is, they’re getting a hard time (as I’m not as careful as I should be), and they’re developing a few scratches.

I heard of and their offer of free glasses from another travel blog. Sounded too good to be true, so I ignored it for a while but recently thought again, why not give it a go? So, yesterday I ordered a pair. The deal is your first pair ordered as a new customer is free, but you have to pay the postage and, as far as I can tell, you can’t order the designer frames with ultra thin, reactive light lenses etc, you can only order from a limited range with basic lenses. The range of free glasses still looked pretty good to me, but I’m not all that choosy. Anyone can use the offer, and it doesn’t appear to have a time limit on it.

So, for just over £10, I should, in theory, get a set of prescription glasses for what would normally cost at least ten times that much from a UK opticians. Will they ever arrive, fit, be a decent quality, have the right lenses, and look OK? I don’t know; if you’re interested watch this space and as soon as I get my hands on them I’ll post a review.

If any of you have already taken advantage of this free offer, or any similar offers, it would be interesting to hear of your experience, pls comment on the post using the small form below.

Me, with glasses on, wearing a tie, trying to look professional:


Cheers, Jay


  1. Hi Jason,myself and wife have been following your blogs and are just planning for next year when we will be selling up and travelling full time.We were planning on doing this in 8 yrs time when we hit 55 but after reading your adventures we thought now was the time because who knows what the future holds(you only live once right?).Just curious to which insurance company you used for van insurance and is there a risk in not taking out full time policy,thanks Steve

    • Hi Steve

      I’m in the middle of writing a piece about insurance after all the fun and games we’ve had getting ours sorted. We’ve used a broker for our insurance as we’ve been unable to get to quotes because we’re already abroad. Your best bet would be to get hold of a copy of MMM or Practical Motorhome and have a ring around some of the specialist motorhome insurance companies that advertise in the back of there.

      For our full timing policy we pay £1,200, for a non-full timing policy I’ve filled in an online form and had a quote back for around £350. The risk if you don’t take out a full time policy is if you do need to claim and they somehow find out that you are full timing. But the problem is, what actually is full timing? Some companies say it is spending more than six months outside the UK, others say it is not owning a house or having a rental agreement in place. Almost everyone we have met who has been full timing has not had a full time policy, they haven’t lied to their insurance company, they simply answered the questions they were asked and live with a relative. It’s all personal choice and how risk adverse you are – I can only wish you good luck!

      Julie :)

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