Finishing Touches

Things are starting to get really exciting for me now. Time sometimes feels like it is going so slowly that it has stopped, but in other ways it feels like the days are racing by. We’re busy planning things down to the last detail (well some things, our route is still suitably vague) we’ve even discussed which way round to park the car when we leave it at the storage site to get maximum energy into the solar battery maintainer we’ve bought to try to keep it alive for when we return.

Zagan is now being packed up with things we’ll need for our longer trip, previously we’d only put in what we’d need for the short Britstop weekends we were doing. Now the maps and phrase books are going in, along with wetsuit, snorkel gear and ski jackets – like I said, our route is vague! I’m so glad we took the time to write out our list of what we had packed in Dave, as this has been a big help to ensure we don’t miss anything vital such as Charlie!

Zagan’s curtains are all lined and Jay has made the shelves for his wardrobe. We’re onto the finishing touches now, one of which is a new table. We decided that the current one is a bit too small, so we’ve been looking around for a bigger one that would enable us to sit four people.


We spotted some very similar tables to what we already have, grey slate effect with a wooden trim and a bit wider and longer from a few online motorhome sites, then well we spotted something a bit different and fell in love with it.

We found a very talented couple on Facebook who make personalised Skim Boards which can be used as campervan tables. Even though Zagan isn’t a VDub, Dubtastic Designs were happy to make a table for him. It’s probably not as practical as the slate effect motorhome table, it probably won’t sit four people – but we don’t care, we love it!!  We got a sneak preview of our finished table this morning and can’t wait for it to arrive so we can get it fitted, it’s going to look fantastic.

Zagan Table

Ju x


  1. OMG I’m getting excited and I’m not even going anywhere. I intended to buy a camper and follow in your footsteps in 2017 your Blog is an inspiration to me and so useful. I look forward to following your travels. John.

    • Bring it on John! I’m getting excited too. As is Charlie. He’s snoring away having a think about rummaging about for dead crab on some Atlantic beach. Yep, latest thinking is head for the Atlantic to start off, but that’s this hour’s plan. No doubt we’ll be on plan version 167c by the time we actually start the wheels rolling… :-) Cheers, Jay

  2. Best wishes for your new travels. I’m delighted you have decided to resume the meanderings I have a vicarious pleasure in imagining my Hymer on the same route. An advisory note regarding the 2.8 diesel. I own a 2001 B644. Periodically the engine cuts out briefly (thus far), the glow plug light illuminates and there is a consequent loss of power. It’s a well documented issue of which you may be aware. “tinterweb has some suggestions the most consistent being FIAT electrics, e.g.:

    “…failed spade connector in 4-way ‘mother of all’ connector block under the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel.”

    Not wishing to alarm merely inform. A FIAT-aware electrician may have the expertise, or maybe yourself. I loved your video regarding the sophisticated delights of the later model Hymers in comparison with the venerable “Dave”.

    • Top man, thanks David. Ignorance is not bliss, all info much appreciated. So far so good with Zagan, just need to test the big ape of a thing with a few mountain ranges. Dave hauled himself up cliff faces; I’m sure Zagan will do the same. Cheers, stay in touch fella, Jay

  3. Morning guys, this is the first reply I’ve made to you.
    I’ve only recently stumbled upon your blogs and website and already love it. I’d just like to say best wishes for your next trip I’ll follow it all the way. You have inspired me to set up and head out for myself but won’t be till next year as have a lot to prepare with house etc first.
    Anyway looking forward to reading your latest adventures! Take care and thanks for a great website!

    • Top man Matt, thanks for the comment – appreciate it. It’s a fab world out there mate – something to behold – enjoy! Cheers, Jay

    • Thanks Mandy.
      Pooches do make a motorhome a home – although in Charlie’s case he also manages to take up most of the space!
      Best of luck on your adventures too.
      Ju x

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