Ferry, booked.

Booked the ferry, the first time I’ve ever booked one way! It’s all starting to feel real. We’re Heading via Norfolk Line Dover to Dunkirk 12 Oct at 8pm, and we’ll have a kip at the port that evening before heading south via an as-yet-to-be-determined route. Current thinking is to take in the Dordogne on the way down, after watching Little England on the TV the past couple of weeks.

Apart from that, not much to report. We’re gearing up for a round of ‘au revoir’ get togethers with friends and family. The van’s going back to the garage again on Monday as Norman needs to make the bushes for the rear suspension mount points after both Fiat and Hymer claim the parts needed don’t exist!


  1. starting to feel real here too. even though I’ve not known you all that long, I know I’m going to miss you and that a lot of people will miss you a very big lot too!

    it’s an awfully big adventure! it will be amazing though, and we’ll definitely make sure we come and gatecrash you on your travels…:-)

  2. Thanks Anne. We’ll miss you too! I do hope you can make it out to meet up with us somewhere over the next year, that would be wonderful! Jay

  3. so I didn’t see, are you GPSing or doing it the old fashioned way with a map? (I’d recommend the latter, easier to find interesting diversions!)

    • Hi Shiriin

      We’ll probably do a bit of both. We learned in Wales last year not to follow the sat nav when we ended up being pushed up a steep icy track by a couple of locals en route to our holiday cottage. Also the maps on the nav are a few years out of date. But not as out of date as our map of France which is from 2006 – here’s hoping they haven’t had too much EU funding for road building!

      Pretty sure we’ll stumble across some places, and if they look nice we’ll stop. A few years back we drove through Honfleur in France remarking how pretty it was, but never actually stopped – it still gets mentioned now. But I guess if we went back now, we’ve built it up so much it’ll be disappointing!


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