Fancy Driving to the Sahara? Get Motorhome Morocco!

Driving a motorhome to the Sahara desert in Morocco isn’t as bonkers as it sounds! If we’ve done it, then you guys can too, and we’ve written a book to help you. We’ve been to Morocco twice in our motorhomes, and have visited the northern edge of the Sahara there three times (as well as once in Tunisia). Although Morocco’s ergs (Saharan sand dunes) are captivating and beautiful sights, they’re far from the only attraction Morocco has to offer. And it’s all quite accessible in your motorhome, from the ancient maze-like medina at Fes to the Atlantic surf at Sidi Ifni, from the cool blue of Chefchaouen to the outlandish combed rock and out-sized boulders of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. The country is quite incredible.

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Before heading over to North Africa for the first time, we struggled to find English language information on how to get there, whether it’s safe, what we needed to take, whether we could take our dog, where we could stay and where to go, among lots of other topics. We even considered paying about £2000 for a guided tour (not for long mind you), but found we just didn’t need one, and very much enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of going it alone. When we came back from our first trip in 2012, we wrote and published Motorhome Morocco, so others could head over there independently too.

Five years later, we returned to Morocco and bumped into several motorhomers who were there after reading our book. This was a fantastic feeling, realising that we have achieved what we set out to do when we started writing; to help others travel independently to Morocco. As soon as we left the country we set to work comprehensively updating the book with all the latest information we discovered ourselves and from fellow travellers we met over there.  We also popped in lots of colour photos to give readers an impression of what you might find as you drive through this other worldly country.

The Erg Chebbi Dunes in Morocco. You can park your motorhome up against these and walk in and out of them!
The Erg Chebbi Dunes in Morocco. You can park your motorhome up against these and walk in and out of them!
Chefchaouen, Morocco
Chefchaouen, Morocco
Driving a motorhome in Morocco
Driving a motorhome in Morocco

To make it affordable (a printed book would be very expensive) we’re publishing the book in electronic format. You can buy it in two ways:

We have looked at having the book available as a printed copy via Amazon, but the cost would be just under £20. If you are interesting in buying a printed version as opposed to what is offered above, please get in touch via email or on the comments below. If there is enough interest we’ll look at reformatting the book for print.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

If you have any questions about the book, please don’t hesitate to ask – either email us at, or pop your questions into the comments section below.

Julie and Jason

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  1. Hi Ju and Jay

    If you’d like to make your book available in paperback form you might consider . It’s not much different to using KDP, which I guess you used for your Kindle edition and there are no upfront costs to you. When somebody wants to then buy on Amazon they simply get the choice of Kindle or Paperback as they automatically sync when you upload.

    I have no affiliation. I simply used CreateSpace when I published my book – From Zero to Financial Independence in less than 10 Years – back in December 2016.

    Hope that helps.


    • Thanks RIT, we’ve also used createspace in the past (our Monkey Ate My Breakfast book is printed through their service) and they do a great job. The reason we haven’t gone for a print in demand book this time around is the coat of a full colour book, as we’ve loaded it with photos.

      We’ve checked and if we were to offer a printed version of the book it would cost just under £20. We’re not sure if anyone would want to pay that for it. If you are reading this and you do want to buy a printed copy, please email or comment and let us know. If there is enough demand we’ll look at reformatting it for print.


  2. Congratulations guys! I’m sure it’s going to be a cracking – nay, invaluable – resource! Next time you go, my bet is you’ll be signing copies ;)

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