Everybody loves Saturday night!


We’re in les Sables-d’olonne which is again on the Atlantic Coast. We ventured a few miles inland to a Bricomarche to get some chems for the loo and bought the last two bottles in the shop – sorry to any other camping cars who have also just worked out where to get this vital stuff and headed there today. As J said we’ve wandered along the beach and around the town – the shops were actually open too! Then headed back to Dave for some hot chocolate and baileys (the wind was picking up and it was getting chilly) and some nice coffee cake.

I took Charlie for a walk down by to the sea just as the sun was setting – he’s such a romantic pooch – and spotted a few decent looking restaurants. As it’s Saturday night, thought we’d treat ourselves to a meal out, as Charlie was snoring from several long walks. The once again J won the most impressive plate award – grrr!


  1. I have only recently found your blog and I am reading as many articles as I can to catch up with your exploits. I have already found many useful bits of information, great value. However, the reason for my comment on this page is you spoke at the begining of fitting a SOG unit to the toilet. I thought this unit would then negate the need for specialist toilet chemicals which you have spent time hunting for. Can you please explain. Regards carl.

    • Hi Carl, great to hear from you! We still use chemicals as we never fitted the SOG. I was convinced the cost would be worth it, or if it would work. I’m convinced on both counts now, but as our trip is past half way, and our van is geriatric, and we don’t plan to visit Finland, we’ll stick to the blue stuff now. Cheers, Jay

      • Jay, Many thanks for the reply. Another snippet of information that all helps me piece the bits of the jigsaw together. I am probably about 18 months from my planned departure date into europe. However, the more I read the more involved I get and think I might just take the plunge early. But as you know it is all about the “Funds”. regards Carl.

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