European (& Morocco) Country Costs Comparison

As we tour around we keep a close eye on how much we spend in each country. The below spreadsheet collates this information so you can compare the costs of various countries. It gives you all sorts of information, including:

  • when we were there
  • the number of nights we stayed in the country
  • the number of miles we drove
  • average diesel and LPG costs
  • costs for specific items in the supermarket
  • overnight costs – this gives you an idea of how easy it is to free camp in the country
  • Internet access costs where we bought a 3G dongle.

All the costs are in Euro’s (where the local currency wasn’t Euro’s you can see the exchange rate used at the bottom), so you’re comparing like for like and not Khunas and Pounds!

It may look tiny, but you can use the magnifying glass symbols to zoom into it and see the figures clearly, or you can click on the square on the top right of the viewer and open the page in a new tab. Finally at the bottom of the viewer you can also download the spreadsheet and save it for reference. If you can’t see the spreadsheet below, please click on this link to download it.

Download (XLS, 20KB)



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