Eeek – 500 days on the road!

We’ve just realised we’ve been travelling for 500 days today! We probably should have gone out for a meal to celebrate, but it was a tad late by the time we spotted it – the pasta was already cooking!

We never expected to on the road this long when we originally set off, but it has been an amazing adventure.

Leaving Dover first time around, seems so long ago, but the excitement of that day feels like yesterday.

J, Charlie and Dave the van at Dover - ready to start our tour
J, Charlie and Dave the van at Dover – ready to start our tour!


  1. Congratulations and here’s to the next 500. Like you we never expected to last long on the road and allocated up to 2 years but ended up doing 15 so maybe it will be the same for you.

  2. Congratulations on your first 500 days. Hopefully by the time you’ve completed your 1000 days we will have managed to break free as well.
    PS – Have you ever used that bike on the back of Dave?

    • Cheers Mark! As for the bike, it’s had the occasional run out, about 100m through an icy patch of Moroccan forest looking for monkeys was about the last one I think! Each time I get it down now less of it works and needs a good WD40 soaking before it allows me to pedal it. I was going to give it away here in Tunisia, but the folks here all seem pretty loaded compared to Morocco and I doubt anyone would want it. Good luck with the escape, regrettably our funds are slowly bleeding away and work beckons for a few years. Cheers, Jay

  3. Congratulations well done I look forward to your daily blog.I can`t wait to try our first trip in our motorhome to france – spain – portugal – italy
    maybe.your photos / videos look great what camera do you use? Good luck with the next 500 days
    Ps I enjoyed your book a monkey ate my breakfast, but you did give it to him !

    • Thanks David

      Well we couldn’t face giving the poor little fella cake!

      On our first year out and about we used a Nikon D40 SLR camera with two lenses, but it got quite a bit of sand in it when we were playing in the Sahara! Also it was quite a lot of stuff to carry around, so when we came back to the UK for Dave’s MOT in September the Nikon was sold on eBay and we bought a Sony HX200V. It’s been brilliant. We had a few wobblie moments after another trip into the desert to play in the sand, but fingers crossed it’s back to full form again now. You can read our review about it here:

      Please keep us posted on your travel plans, it would be great to have a catch up over a glass of local vino somewhere.

      Also can I be cheeky and ask if you would please pop a review on Amazon for the book (if you haven’t already), personally I find the reviews really helpful when deciding to buy a book, which I think will be especially true for people who haven’t discovered our blog yet.

      Thanks in advance


  4. Hi you lucky pair. Just got your book which brought back memories of our trips to Morocco. You would have been on your outward journey in Oct “11, the same month we were on our way back to the gulag. We should have been in Spain for 3 months from Jan this year but health probs put a stop to that plan. Shall be down there in May/June and again,hopefully,next winter. At least you are both doing such a wonderful trip before you get, well older. ENJOY. Best wishes. Ed

    • Thanks Eddie

      Glad the book brought back some memories, for us it’s a great way to remember the trip.

      That was our plan, to get out there and see the world while we still have the energy to climb up hills and monuments (and into the drop-down bed!). Hope you’re fighting fit again and make it to the sunshine later this year. It is a fabulous way to live.



  5. I am a recent newcomer to your blog and have nothing but admiration for you all on what is a fantastic adventure. My wife and I are retired (early) and live in Spain and within a year or two we hope to purchase a motor home and travel within Europe with our dog. You are an inspiration. Best wishes and thanks.

  6. look forward to reading your blogs, am amazed you seem to get on so well, my wife and i are in a hobby 750 in the algarve, been on the road since last may, had a few arguments, you seem so happy together, wish you all the best in your trip, how long is it going to last?

    • Hi Chris, congratulations on being on the road! Two million dollar questions there – how to maintain marital bliss and how long the trip will last! The latter’s far easier than the former – our funds are running out and we want to get back to Blighty, see family and friends for a while, and work out a way to enable us to travel again in future (in other words, get jobs). We’ll be back in Sept (this year). Marital bliss? Dunno. We always got on well, recognise each other’s strengths and weaknesses, talk to each other, and so on and so forth – really have no idea why it works as well as it does but I’m not complaining. Take it easy, have a fabulous time and look after each other in them thar foreign parts. Jay

      P.S. We do have the odd ruck – had two so far in 15 months, which is about the same as our pre-travel bluey rate.

  7. 500 days ……, congratulations on that and the excellent blog and books!We will be leaving in 2 weeks time after unforeseen circumstances, we cant wait now, take care and we maybe bump into you at some point.



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