Destination LPG, a Dead Fish and Two Radioactive Suits, Cala Bianca, Sicily

Dave the motorhome is brimming full and echo-empty, his diesel, LPG and water tanks are all choc-a-bloc, as are his food cupboards, beer and wine area and fridge. We’re parked up in a quiet little Sicilian cove called Cala Bianca (N38.05598 E12.84011). We’re overlooked by an (I guess) Aragonese defensive tower and more recent/less picturesque WW2 bunkers. The sky is overcast and the wind is shaking us lika-de-pepper-pot, but all is good with the world.

Cala Bianca, Sicily.
Cala Bianca, Sicily.
The Sicilian coast guard rescuing a dead porpoise, after Ju pulled their mini-bus out of the sand.
We’re now the proud owners of 2 Italian Coast Guard-issued safety suits, good for working in radioactive spills, if we translated them properly!

Today’s update comes to you via OurTour TVTM! Just kidding. We recorded a little video diary as a bit of fun though, Have a look-see, tell us what you think and we may do a few more (and maybe get Ju to do ’em as (a) she’s media-trained and (b) she is somewhat better looking than me).

Cheers, Jay (and yes, thanks, I did manage to secure a beer, a whole 24cl, about half a pint, wayhey!)

P.S. We bought a 3G SIM from 3 Italia today. A weird experience. After checking a few places their 100 hours of unlimited Internet for a month for €15 looked the best for us. We stood and went through the 20 minute process of registering our passport etc, and were then asked for €25. Huh, we pointed at the big €15 number in their sales brochure? Does the SIM cost €10 and it’s not mentioned here? No, the SIM is €5. Ah, why is it €25 then? It just is. OK, erm. But you get €23 worth of credit. Eh? We decided we couldn’t be bothered arguing over it and bought the dodgy-marketed deal. From now on, we’ll be uploading video, a lot of video, HD stuff, HUGE files :-).


  1. Enjoyed the video diary, will Charlie be making his own?. I particulary liked the blas’e comment. ” We heard there was a Volcano going off, so we thought we might pop over to have a look” that’s not something we hear often in the queue for the chip shop. :)

  2. Good stuff, hope you enjoy Sicily as much as we did. We were warned off going there by a Dutch couple we met in France, how wrong they were.

    It has become one of our favorite destinations and we hope to go back there one day. See our blog

  3. Loved the vid diary, we were out blasting around our motorhome in Belgium last week bumped in to a few ppl on route and we always mention your awesome blog.
    I know you guys like your beer if you want a great place to visit near Brussels check out the
    Delirium cafe
    Take care.

  4. Loved the video diary, keep em coming. Can’t wait to hear your explanation of how you’ve got two radioactive suits at the Albanian* border crossing

    * insert appropriate border crossing of your choice

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