Decision Time: Do we flog our car?

Thanks for everyone who responded to our last poll, a clear winner for our route home: Germany! And that’s where this message comes from. Bavaria is proving a wonderful place, an ideal land to roam in a motorhome.

So, if we may trouble you kind souls again? We have a Smart Car in the UK. It currently resides in my brother-in-law’s garage, taking up valuable space. It is, we hear, lonely. The garage door will open from time to time, the glaring British sunlight causing it to scrabble around, edging into whatever dark corner it can find.

This seems cruel. Our first option, we feel, is to release it into the light, pride of place has already been offered on my folk’s driveway. From there it can sit out the days and nights, gazing upon the stars, breathing the clear air, awaiting out return at which point we’ll hammer it up and down whatever motorway leads to employment.

Our second option is to release it from duty, setting it free in exchange for a small fee. Maybe it will enjoy being steered carefully around roundabouts, jerking back and forth through its elastic-band powered gearbox by another? We would of course miss our beloved motor, but on the other hand, the released wonga might power us up through into the Arctic Circle next year, which would be nice?

It’s a tough one. Just how sensible should we be? Help us out, voting buttons to the right folks, and feel free to drop us an email at with advice!

Cheers, Jay




  1. Hi Jay and Ju, I have voted for you to sell your beloved car, I would just point out you might need it when you come home mid travel, so wait till after then. Val

  2. You should consider selling it. It’s costing you in deprecation and tax etc. Put the money in the bank and decide later on the chilly trip north. You can always buy another when you return to the UK – or find work in Europe – or whatever! You will still have Dave! :-)

  3. Jacking in your jobs was surely the scarey decision? Selling the car should be a no-brainer for you now you’re free! Besides, you need to keep truckin’ so I can travel with you by proxy – the longer you keep going, the longer you hold of my inevitable mid-life crisis when I have to go and do it all myself. If you could just keep going for 5 more years until my kids finish school, that would be perfect :-)

    • Ah hah! Send money Craig, and we’ll keep going for ever! It is starting to look a bit of a no-brainer, might just create enough liquid cash to buy the liquid diesel we’d need to get us from Sicily or Tunisia to northern Norway, if we breathe in a bit.

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