De-Cluttering Continues…

We’re continuing to sort out what we want to keep/send to professional storage/send to charity shops/throw away/recycle and ask friends and family to store for us. We did a quick calculation and if we sell all our furniture and white goods, we’re looking at at least £5k to buy back at the equivalent new price. That’s made it easier to justify paying for professional storage for 12 months.

It’s funny how you start off on a clearing out exercise like this thinking ‘oh, no, I’ll hang onto that’ and quite soon you’re hardened up to it and are throwing/giving away things. If you adopt an attitude of ‘have I used this in the past year?’, then that helps you see the woods from the trees. There must about about 80% of ‘things’ in the house and garage which I’ve not used in at least 12 months. Out with it.

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