Dave hits eBay

SOLD. Off to owners new who we hope have as much fun and frivolity as we did. Ju’s just stopped crying, sad times but we’ve big plans for the future. Cheers, Jay

DSC00353We bought him through eBay, so it’s only fitting we return him to the motorhome marketplace on eBay too. He’ll be sorely missed.

See Dave on eBay

Grab a bargain and live the dream!


  1. Hi Jason,

    Once again, great blog and thanks for your advice on career. What ere your plans now that you are back and sold Dave? Would you go travelling again?


    • Thanks Susana. Dave’s been sold not because we don’t want to travel but because we do, only at a future date when we’re financially stronger. I suspect almost everyone who spends a year or two on the road gets the bug, and like us, wants more. It’s kind of the dark side of the whole thing which no-one talks about. Coming home after such an experience and settling back onto a routine of commuting, office politics and buying stuff is, ah, difficult. J

  2. Packing it in must be terrible. Me and the wife are about retired and we want to travel Europe in a Winnie probably towing a car,till we get fed up. We would prefer to do Oz but I don’t think they would let us stop long enough. Oh and yes we have a pooch

    • Hi Steve. Yup, it’s a bit rough but we had two years off so can’t complain. Sooner or later we hope to be in the same boat as you guys too, and wander for as long as we want, what a wonderful situation to be in! Cheers, Jay

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