Chilling in the Heat of Eretria (Ερέτρια)

Wild(ish) pups we met on a walk this morning. Cute fellas, someone was feeding and watering 'em.

Dave the motorhome’s new front tyres are smelling good, and are having a rest from yesterday’s mountain-forced twists and turns, not rolling an inch today as we’ve stayed put at Eretria, Isle of Euboea, Greece (N38.38970 E23.80172).

The view from Dave's door this morning. Sweet.
The view from Dave’s door this morning. Sweet.

The winds seem to fall into a rhythm on the coastline in Greece. First thing in the morning the air is still and cool. The sea’s surface is lazy, an expanse of mercury. As the day moves on and the sun cracks the whip, the air starts to move. Tiny waves appear, crashing on the shore with the power of an angry child’s fist. Mid afternoon there’s a lull. The heat’s sweltering and we hide in Dave, Charlie panting from his exertions chasing bits of chopped palm tree about the beach. A sudden rush of air from the sea blasts Dave and we thankfully pull back the curtains, letting the cool take battle with the fiery sun. Finally things settle into the evening with a soft breeze, the sea taking on the sound of a distant washing machine.

Off for a quick morning swim/splash.
Off for a quick morning swim/splash.

Eretria’s been around for 2500 years, has its own ancient theatre and museum operated with the Swiss School of Archaeology no less. The name ‘Eretria’ means ‘city of rowers’ and Wikipedia informs us the city was mentioned as sending ships into the mythical Trojan war. These days it’s a small package holiday resort, the odd tout jumping up from his restaurant seat as we approach welcoming us with ‘hello!, bonjour?’. It’s an easy going place, we’re parked in prime position amidst the palms adjacent to the modern bar-tavernas and no-one’s bothered. A pack of six wild dogs is entertaining us, trying to eat passing car’s bumpers or unfortunate moped rider’s handlebars.

Wild(ish) pups we met on a walk this morning. Cute fellas, someone was feeding and watering 'em.
Wild(ish!) pups we met on a walk this morning. Cute fellas, someone was feeding and watering ’em.

We’ve not been to any of the historical stuff, instead taking a walk around the town and generally chilling out. Ju spotted a vets on the way in yesterday and we decided Charlie needs a tick collar. His standard out-of-the-UK Advantix skin-applied treatment is only lasting two weeks before he’s picking up ticks again. The vet, who of course spoke perfect English, explained the ticks are bad here, we need both the collar and to use the Advantix. €15 later and he’s sporting a second collar, which the vet told us should last the 3 months we have on the way back to the UK. She pointed out the fluffy cat on the counter was called ‘Zoro’, as the cute mini lioness had a black fur pattern around the eyes much resembling a mask. I missed all this as I’d spotted some computer coding books on a shelf, the second vet/assistant was teaching himself xcode, a development environment for Apple products. Computers call me from afar…

New tick and flea collar for the pooch.
New tick and flea collar for the pooch.

We’ve also invested in a bottle of blue loo chemicals for the first time in months. Lots of folks recommend using biological washing tablets or powder, which is much cheaper and easier to get. We’ve had a few stench-accompanied drives through the hot mountain roads of late though, and wonder what folks we pass or pull up alongside must think! Washing tablets seem to work OK but once the heat’s up in the 30’s, maybe we need something more powerful?

Any ideas how to get at water from this tap on the beach!?
Any ideas how to get at water from this tap on the beach!?

The Albania poll brought back an encouraging response for us to head over there, so we’ll do just that. Thanks to everyone who took part and sent us comments and emails, much appreciated!

And the verdict is: Albania!
And the verdict is: Albania!

The plan for tomorrow? Dunno. Time to get the map out, but I guess we’ll head a bit further south on the island. This morning tractors worked the beach, clearing away what little flotsam there was. I guess they’re building up to an influx of folks from Athens at the weekend, so maybe we’re in for a busy couple of days wherever we go. We don’t mind, more folks = more fun, the Greeks know how to unwind.


Just around the corner there’s an area called ‘Paradise Island’ or some such. It’s seen better days but is in a fabulous location, surely one day it’ll be up and running again.
Paradise Island.
Man with beard paining boat in Eretria.

Cheers, Jay

P.S. It got hot today. While we hid in the heat in Dave we had a bit of fun with Charlie:


  1. Hello hello, just want to tell you we have our new baby! Well ok, not new but new to us. We have taken her out on her first road trip,all of three or four miles to our nearest campsite, I believe you have been here, Tomar! So although we only live up the road we thought it as good a place as any to test everything out, work out what we need etc. ohhhhhhh, it’s bliss, and such a good first nights sleep. We can assess how hot it gets for leaving our Labrador and how everything works etc, even on campsites! We are hooked already and don’t want to go home! How bad is that? Anyway, enjoy the rest of Greece, we will update you and read all your updates when cloud nine lets us land:) thanks for all the inspiration.
    Jen xx

    • Hi Jen, that’s awesome news! Really pleased you’re enjoying the experience, and there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to go home! For any help we’ve given you, you’re more than welcome, enjoy the freedom of the road and drop us a line with any questions which come up. Cheers, Jay

  2. We were at Glastonbudget last weekend (just catching up with the blog after a busy week). After spending a couple of hours getting the tent up on Friday in 50mph winds and rain, it was glorious on Saturday and Sunday and we burnt. But it was still cold at night (clear skies). Why do I mention this? Because Ann says it’s too cold in this country to ever consider sleeping in a tent again and the next festival we do will be in a van. Our tent (which I really like) was free (“rescued” after being abandoned by someone at a previous festival), so now I have the task of trying to find our own FoC Dave! Hmmm.

    • Hi Craig, Glastonbudget, thought you were joking so I just looked it up. It looks cool, and close to home too. Fav names: the Antarctic Monkeys (brilliant), the Four Fighters (smooth), The Hot Red Chilli Peppers (nice reversal). The best one’s gotta be… Oasish (awesome!). I’d pay good money, ah, well a few drachma at least, to have seen you guys fighting that tent into position on Friday. It sounds like a potential red-mister, where the tent ends up in many pieces at the hands of a frustrated me… Congratulations on keeping your cool and getting to enjoy the fruits over the weekend, it does sound like a lot of fun. Having a motorhome/camper at one of those things must be pretty awesome – nice hot shower, personal loo, double bed, cooking facilities, a wardrobe and, of utmost importance, a beer fridge! Dave may well be up for hire if there are any gigs October time! Failing that, you could go down the Phil and Jules route and bolt a sideboard into an old London ambulance (et voila, glambulance). Or just nip over to Germany and pick something up from there, but you might struggle getting ’em to hand it over FoC, or on the other hand with your haggling skills…?

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