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Hi folks! So, we are still in one piece and slowly making our way through the Loire valley. At least I think we are; it all looks pretty much the same to me. We’re currently parked up overlooking a river; it’s raining but hey, we watched an otter swim past earlier which made up for the inclement weather. Ju’s spotted the van next to us has chocked their wheels to prevent a mid-night roll into the drink. Wimps.

Apologies for intermittent updates (if any of you have noticed). Vodaphone have seen fit to classify our blog as adult content and also to apply content control to our account. Grrrrr. Several emails and a 20 min phone call later and they claim they’ve removed the restriction. Reality says no, we can only get at the blog through jiggery pokery swapping SIMs and using non-standard browsers. Hopefully we’ll get it working soon and Ju’s far better crafted blog entries and photos will wing their way over to you.

Rog W: if you’re reading, thanks for the tip about refitting the LPG hose if it doesn’t seal properly. We needed it today!


  1. I remember a river in the Loire valley at Saumur with a bridge and camping on an island in the middle of the river. This was the place where we discovered that French mountain bike brakes are on opposite sides of the handlebars demonstrated whilst attempting to skid with the rear wheel and ending up underneath the bike!Just to cheer you up it is heading for the freezing point in good old Blighty. Visions of Top Gear with the repair to the sun roof, Clarkson would be proud. Keep on trucking!

    • Hi Shady. We’ve avoided the brakes problem by bringing our own. Only been about 3 miles though, and that was to the supermarket to get wine and a tin opener! I was relieved to find the bottle of vino fit in the mountain bike bottle holder! The truck is holding up so far. Nearly hit a few things, including people, but messed them all so far!

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