De-Cluttering Continues…

August 20, 2011 Jason 0

We’re continuing to sort out what we want to keep/send to professional storage/send to charity shops/throw away/recycle and ask friends and family to store for […]


Why wait?

August 12, 2011 Julie 0

We’d originally planned to set off in June 2012, we brought it forward (or should that be backward) to April 2012. Then a week ago […]

The financial bit

May 25, 2011 Julie 0

So, how can we afford to do this trip? I was always brought up to save for what you want before you buy it (and […]

Spanner in the works!

May 23, 2011 Jason 0

So, after 17 years of working for ‘the man’, I’ve resigned from life in corporate UK and decided to go it alone as an IT […]