Basque Country, Lekeitio, Spain







Wandering around our last aire, I had to remind myself I was in Spain. The scenery, architecture and signs all reminded me of the Italian alps, probably helped on by much of the signage being in Basque. We decided to head back to the coast, driving up and down winding roads through the valleys. We avoided the toll road to save cash, and could see it above us, cutting through the hills and across valleys while we twisted our way through them. To be honest, I’d usually prefer the slow route, but the industrial nature of the towns and villages we passed left me cold. I’d have happily paid a few euros to bypass it, but then I guess I’d have missed out, the place is what it is and I’ve been spoiled by so many pretty French towns.

Happy to arrive in the aire at Lekeitio, a working fishing town with a harbour and beach, we were surprised to find the locals gathered in clumps around bars in the streets at 2pm on a Sunday. Past French towns have all been totally dead on Sundays. We saw the legendry Menu Del Dia in action too; €12 for a 3 course meal and wine with a table overlooking the harbour. The places were all packed with locals and we’d already eaten so we’ll give that one a try tomorrow.

It’s Basque country here; there’s no missing it with flags everywhere, boats painted in red, white and green, and the Spanish text on signs crossed out. I wonder if my fledgling attempts at Spanish might actually cause more harm than good here, and perhaps I should hold off my Spanish 101 attempts until we’re further down the coast.

We were entertained in the town by automated machines selling not only hot snacks, but also various adult items? Really? With a huge church just around the corner, and a Jesus statue in the streets?

Hooray! As I write this the Spanish surfers parked up next to us and playing bangin’ tunes are leaving. Happy days! What’s that? Integrate with the locals you say? Too much effort today, will try harder tomorrow.

Weather: cloudy but shorts and fleece warm
Battery condition: 3/4 charged and holding
Number of Spanish words learned today: 5
Number of hairpin bends negotiated today: 8
Number of times I pulled over to let the convoy of locals get past: 2

Cheers! Jay


  1. Sounds as tho you are enjoying Spain,and the Tapas becomes a way of life there. Don,t forget your are not working now so you can lie in with a hangover. Keep the adventures comming.


  2. Philology Daily Fact – Did you know that Basque and Gaelic are the only two languages spoken in Europe that are not descended from a common Indo-european source?

  3. WTF!? You have skipped not only town, but also, the country! Good for you both. Remember, “Eye of the Tiger”.
    Best Wishes.

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