Bad weather? Good times on the Ile D’Oleron




The rain and wind’s rolled in for a the past couple of days, and t’interweb says it’ll be here for the next few days. Good times continue though!

We had the good fortune to have a great Dutch couple, Valentijn and Annemarie, park up next to us last night and come over ‘to ours’ for a spaghetti bolognaise Ju made. These guys were good company, both young entrepreneurs with a zeal for life. The fact Valentijn worked his freelance landscaping job in -10 weather last winter says it all. Annemarie’s pie van photos and the way she spoke about her fledgling business portrayed a Dragon’s Den winner’s attitude. Go for it guys, we wish you all the best.

We briefly met up again this morning for breakfast which resulted in me scoring most of a full packet of anijsblokjes. It’s aniseed flavoured sugar. I’m yet to try it; I’m in trouble if I like it, doubt you can buy it outside the Netherlands?

As I type we’re sat in the van just outside St Denis-d’Olerons on the Ile D’oleron. It’s dark and the rain is hammering on the roof and windows. We just made it back from a stroll to the port before the heavens opened. We’re celebrating electrical hook-up for the first time in 2 weeks by charging EVERYTHING, and digging the halogen heater out. A cold beer, lamb chops and a film await. Happy days.

PS, thanks for finding out what that yellow fruit was JT. Could explain Charlie’s dodgy tummy after he snaffled a bit of one (he’s recovered now).


  1. Sounds like you are having a blast! Just read a few recent blogs and feel like I’m there too, though my beard growing would never match up to J outstanding effort. X M

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