Another cheeky day at the beach

...he's not so keen on swimming though!

Dave the motorhome is resting once more at our favourite campsite on Jerba (OK, so it’s the only ‘campsite’ on the island, and in reality isn’t actually a campsite but it’s still kept us here another day!) the chilled out, whole place to ourselves, €8-a-night, right on the beach Centre des Stages et Vacances in Aghir.

Last night I attempted to create Tunisian chicken couscous – without the aid of a couscousiere (yes such a thing exists), I found the recipe on the internet and then used what we had to hand to make a Dave version – and although I say it myself, it was pretty darn tasty. Jay spent most of the evening annoyed at the world wide web as he was trying to do some work on a website only to find it was taking ages to work. As it was still doing it’s thing around 11.30pm, he left it to it with a plan to carry on today.

Name the brand? Clue - we had some at breakfast!
Name the brand? Clue – we had some at breakfast!
We assume this should be covered in mould - it is a blueish cheese after all.
We assume this should be covered in mould – it is a blueish cheese after all.

This morning when I woke it was like being at home, raining! I got up and started work on an article for a motorhoming magazine in Canada, yep we’ve gone inter-continental (I need to get sales of our book up somehow, as it looks like the Sahara may have taken its toll on our new camera – oops!). When Jay woke he took over the laptop to carry on with his work and I rustled up pancakes for breakfast. Mine were dripping with freshly squeezed orange juice (oranges from our big market shop yesterday) and sugar – yum.

Hmmm, pancake day!
Hmmm, pancake day!

A rather unpleasant task followed breakfast. Due to an anatomical irregularity (which is common in his breed) Charlie needed to have his butt squeezed regularly – sorry if you’re eating your tea while reading this. It’s been a while and he’s started to rub his bum on the ground, a sure sign it needs doing. So I held the bitey end while Jay did the deed, the vet in the UK showed him how to do it before we left. Feeling guilty for inflicting pain on the little fella, we let him go for a snuffle around the trees near us afterwards. Charlie being his usual snuffleiness managed to discover a carrier bag full of scrap food – fortunately I managed to grab him before he scoffed down a red hot chilli, or he would have had a sore butt again later! He’s not always the cleverest of dogs, but he has managed to master eating dates and spitting out the stones – we keep finding them in crevices in Dave.

The rest of the day either one or the other of us has been using the laptop to do some sort of work. We even managed to get a couple more videos uploaded onto our YouTube site so you can see what we’ve been up to. But we did manage a break before a late lunch for a stroll along the beach once the rain had stopped.

Another beach stroll this time with stick!
Another beach stroll this time with stick!

A few hardy, and very tanned, Europeans were out on their sun loungers bracing themselves against the cool wind that was whipping around the palm trees and causing waves on the usually mirror like sea. But otherwise the long stretch of beach was deserted – canoes, wind surfers and life jackets all gathered sand on their stands, hopefully they’ll get more use as the season kicks in.

Charlie loves the beach
Charlie loves the beach…
...he's not so keen on swimming though!
…he’s not so keen on swimming though!

As we wandered we hit upon a new poll for you all to vote for – should Jay grow his hair? If you’ve been reading this blog of a while you’ll know that late in 2011 I shaved Jay’s head – it wasn’t a great look for him (especially not with his ginger beard), but it was one of those things it’s better to do when you’re not going to work every day! When we were stuck in a hotel in Narbonne getting Dave’s clutch fixed there was the big ‘should it stay or should it go?’ vote on Jay’s weirdy beardy, thank goodness it went as people crossed the street to avoid us (although it is starting to creep back!).

Jay's current hair do!
Jay’s current hair do!

Now the big question is, should he grow his hair? It’s already much longer than he’s used to, and while he believes he’s reached that difficult mid-length phase, I suspect he’s many more months to go yet. But once again, it’s one of those things better done when only your loving wife and pooch have to see you every day! Be sure to vote and let us know what you think!

Jay from The Young Ones?
Jay from The Young Ones?
Jay Gibson?
Jay Gibson?

So that about sums up our day; squeezing Charlie’s butt and a discussion about Jay’s hair length. We are certainly living the rock and roll life at the moment, but with a view like we have out of Dave’s windscreen it’s so very hard to move!

Ju x

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  1. Re: haircut.
    Jay looking at your latest “mug-shot” and your current “hair style”?
    Shave the sides away @ 11 & 13:00 hrs position and you`ve got a half decent “Mohican” style, and maybe with a red rinse would almost match the beard colour.
    What do you reckon Ju ?

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