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Let’s face it, unless you’re a lottery winner, you’re going to be keeping a close eye on your spending during your trip, as well as considering ways to generate a few Euros to help fund it.

We’ve brought together here all the financial lessons we learned as we travelled, and afterwards, to help you get an idea of how affordable this type of lifestyle can be.

Financial Education

The Money Muppet
We came back to the UK after two years on the road in order to set ourselves financially free. Our goal is to travel where, and more importantly when, we want. In order reach this goal we needed to earn enough money to sustain us outside of the rat race. As Jay (the Money Muppet) began to financially educate himself, he soon discovered that as well as working to earn the money, we needed to make it work for us.


Total Costs
A blog post outlining what our first two years on the road cost.

600 days
A round up of our costs over the first 600 days.

Country Cost Comparison
This gives an overview of how much stuff cost in some of the countries we visited during 2012/2013. There are individual cost breakdowns too in our Country Guides section.

Our financial set up and tracking
Here we show how we set up our bank accounts, pre-paid credit cards and how we tracked our spending.

Our original cost planning
How we guestimated our costs for a long term trip (it wasn’t extensive and we ended up being way out!).



Earning from a travel blog
Ways we looked generating an income from our blog as we travel.

Making Money
The different ways people we met earn while they travel.

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