A relaxing week in Staithes

Despite having had a lifetime’s worth of holidays on our tour of Europe, by April 2015 we were in need of a break. We’d both worked pretty much solidly since we got back in September 2014, either in our day time jobs, on our house renovation or running our own business, so the search began for somewhere to relax.

Living in Nottingham, which is almost the furthest you can get from the coast in England, we hadn’t seen the sea for ages. We used to love sitting in Dave staring out over the ocean, and Charlie misses snuffling around on the beach for dead stuff. Because we are between motorhomes, we searched for some pet-friendly accommodation by the sea.  As I was looking I remembered a great week we’d had in the small village of Staithes in North Yorkshire several years ago. We’d stayed in a former army barracks on a hill above the village, only venturing down the hill a couple of times. Normally we’re not ones for going back to the same place twice – why would you when there is so much of the world still to see? – but on this occasion we decided to go back to Staithes, but stop in the village itself.

Charlie in Staithes in 2010
Charlie in Staithes in 2010

After a bit of a search I found a cottage right on the north quayside. It’s almost car free as there are only a few houses on that side and no way across the river into the village other than a pedestrian footbridge. Charlie could go out off his lead and Jay could go crabbing almost out of the front door. Oh and the best thing about Staithes – no mobile signal. Total relaxation.

We stayed in the stone cottage on the far left - top crabbing spot off the ramp!
We stayed in the stone cottage on the far left – top crabbing spot off the ramp!

The place has hardly changed, and I’m not sure it ever will, there are just a few more pictures of Bernard Cribbins about the place now as it is where they film the Children’s TV series ‘Old Jack’s Boat. Narrow twisting alleyways wind their way up the hill from the shore, and hidden amongst them are trompe l’oeil (trick of the eye) paintings, we managed to find a fair few of them.

DSC02388 (987x1024)
In case we forgot where to turn off the main road!

The days were spent walking parts of the coastline in both directions along the Cleveland Way, following walks around the local villages that were in the folder in our cottage and visiting friends who live about a mile from us at home and happened to be holidaying in Whitby the same week. The evenings (and a few afternoons)  were spent in The Cod and Lobster pub with its cold beer and tasty food – a true sign that we’re on holiday!

DSC02375 (1024x397)
Walking The Cleveland Way

DSC02489 (1024x768)

DSC02442 (1024x509)
Our friends crabbing in Whitby
DSC02504 (1024x768)
Success for Jay back in Staithes

The cottage had a TV in it, nothing strange there you might say, but since leaving the UK in 2011 we haven’t had a TV set hooked up to watch live TV. I confess to sitting transfixed for an hour or so at the adverts and shopping channels, after which I certainly needed to buy an exercise DVD and spray on fence paint – fortunately with no phone signal and wifi only in the pub, I couldn’t get my order in before Jay had talked me out of it.

DSC02394 (1024x548)
The lifeboat being launched when the tide was out
DSC02387 (1024x666)
Charlie in Staithes 2015
DSC02361 (1024x386)
Sunset over the cliffs
DSC02515 (1024x758)
Perfect end to a day on the beach – Baileys Hot Chocolate


It felt like the first time we had both slowed down in a long time, and was a very, very welcome break. I think Staithes could easily become our place to go when life is getting too much and we want a break, it’s a beautiful little corner of England and it’s always good to have one of those to visit.

DSC02483 (1024x767)

Ju x


  1. Beautiful part of the East coast. Enjoy your week’s break .we stayed in Spindle Cottage in January which is near the Cod &Lobster ‘ very nice food ‘ ‘dog friendly too. I have to say how much I enjoy reading all of your travel’s Thank you . looking forward to reading more…

  2. I’ve just discovered your blog & am transfixed! We are working towards the same life of freedom starting next spring & 2hrs of reading has given us so many fab tips – thank you! We live in County Durham, ‘discovered’ Staiths only recently & love it. I’m now hooked & will be an avid reader of everything you have written, especially about Morrocco & travelling with furry companions as we have 2 rescued Border Terriers.

    • Get in – hopefully there’s some handy stuff on here – we’ve tried to load it with what we’ve learned over the years, but that said, there’s always plenty more to learn…! Cheers, Jay

  3. We lived in East Leake for 16 years, bought Louis the McLouis 10 years ago when there and like you we stick to the coast wherever possible to the extent it took us 2 months to get to Spain on this trip as the French coast was amazing. At Manta Rota just now and finding it difficult to move on!

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