5th from 140? Well done UK in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report!

Hi folks! Just came across this report on how well 140 countries are fostering tourism, it’s HUGE, but this graphic gives an easy view of how well each country did. The UK came in 5th, up 2 from last year (hooray!), Greece ranks 32nd, not bad.

Cheers, Jay


    • Excellent! I got the news of the report from your blog, hunted through it a bit to try and find the part about friendliness but couldn’t see that particular category, will have to have another look-see. I just sat here and thought I really should have said I got the link from you but you’ve done the job for me, thanks for sharing Simon! Cheers, Jay

  1. TBH, I’m not sure where it is in the report – I fell asleep trying to find it, figured life was too short to read that much stuff and assumed that on balance the several and various press reports were a reliable source. (One hopes).

    • No need for an official report to tell is New Zealanders are friendly folks (except on the battlefield of course)! Sadly I’ve never been but Ju loved the place. One day, once we’ve replenished our rapidly emptying war chest, we’ll be there. Cheers, Jay

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