1001 Coque jokes… St Trojan D’Oleron





We’re getting more adventurous on our parking places. OK, no we’re not. We twice found spots which were probably fine, but we bottled it and moved on. We’re currently in an Aire which is fuller than full (N45.841232 W1.205294). We’re so close to the plants at one side we can’t get the step down, and the chap on the other side had to discretely check the side of his van after we’d wedged ourselves in here. That said, we have a great view of the twinkling lights over the bridge to the mainland. The same bridge which scared me witless in the gusting wind a few days ago and likely has the same in store for tomorrow **grimace**.

We walked two beaches today. One presented us an eerie scene of a wrecked ship emerging from the mist. The other presented some lovely mud, which I foraged about in for a bag of cockles. These are called ‘coque’ here, giving us the opportunity for the 1001 Coque jokes in the title (I’ll leave this part to your imagination). They were flavoursome, worth the effort to find, soak and boil.

As I type we’ve just eaten a feast of steak hache, bread, cheese, onion, wine and, of course, ketchup! The road alongside us is still busy with traffic; we could be in for a sleepless night!

All today’s photos are of me. Sorry, I wasn’t fast enough to get out of the way. There’s one of a very long road we yomped along to the sea only to find motorhomes at the end of it. Another is of a ball of sponge cake thing which I had to try out of curiosity. Our translation skills failed us on that one, we thought it was a giant profiterole!


  1. Just one…maybe just one…I could stop at one..I could, I could stop..just one quick coque joke and then walk away, I could do that, couldn’t I…

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